Travel Advice for Wheelchair Users

At some point, most people experience the wanderlust bug; that insatiable urge to travel and experience far-flung places and cultures.

Unfortunately, some struggle to see the world due to lack of money or commitment to a career. However, for wheelchair users, the main fear tends to be accessibility.

The good news is that destinations and transport and becoming more wheelchair friendly every year. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you realise your travel dreams.

Plan Far Ahead

For wheelchair users, it is probably not advisable to book a last minute deal. Instead, a lot of planning is required to get the most out of your experience. Please, do not let this deter you. If you do your research, you may find that many places you presumed were off limits are actually manageable – it just requires a little preparation. This may mean taking alternative routes to popular tourist attractions, but with enough planning, even Paris can be explored by wheelchair.

Consider Your Transport

As a wheelchair user, you may be surprised to find flying is an option. However, it is best to do your research, as some airlines are more wheelchair friendly and accommodating than others. Also, before you book, inform the airline of any needs and discuss any restrictions in carry-on items.

If you want to travel by sea, then you will find that the majority of cruise liners are very accessible, with wide corridors and adapted rooms. However, do make sure to find out how the company transports their customers for excursions, as some of these smaller ships are not adapted for wheelchair use.

Alternatively, you could load up your Allied Vehicles accessible car, grab your family or friends and plan an amazing road-trip, for a travel adventure that you will never forget.

Select Accommodation Carefully

The good news about planning ahead is that by booking your accommodation in advance, you are likely to get a great deal. However, before selecting a hotel or villa, make sure that it is accessible and caters to your personal circumstances.

Consider how you will get to your accommodation from the airport or train station. For example: can a taxi or bus get to the entrance of the hotel? Also consider what it immediately outside of the accommodation, as it is important that you can easily access the location.

As long as you research and plan ahead, travelling as a wheelchair user can be amazing. Remember, you can never be over prepared, so look at tourist attractions and plan your routes to make it easier for when you arrive.