US Based Affordable Medical Billing Company

Healthcare practices are in dire need of having a reliable medical billing solution for uninterrupted cash flow. A lot of medical billing companies have budded out to serve to the healthcare practices in an efficient way.  SybridMD is one of the well-ranked medical billing companies across the globe. It has served a number of different healthcare practices in a precise and sought-after way.

Our motive is to deliver extremely accurate medical billing services to make the most out of your healthcare practice. We offer our seamless and top-notch medical billing services by following a comprehensive process which is comprised of these steps:   

  1.    Receiving the claims

We receive the claim from the healthcare practice either by digital means or by courier. The medical claim contains patient information including  

  •    Charge sheets
  •    A copy of the insurance card
  •    Superbills
  •    Demographics
  •    Insurance verification data
  •    Other information related to the patient.
  1.    Sorting out the Discrepancies

Subsequent to the collection of the required information, it is then provided to FTP server to make it accessible to our expert staff. In case of any discrepancy, we ask the healthcare practice to sort it out.  

iii.    Precise Medical Coding

Next, to sort out the discrepancy in the medical claim, our expert medical billers perform medical coding with great precision and accuracy. They carefully assign ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes to the claims.

  1.    Preparing the medical claims

Your medical claim can face rejection due to inaccurate or insufficient information. Our professional medical billers save your claim from being rejected by properly gathering and filling all the required information.  We appropriately carry out the claim preparing procedure by observing the recent billing rules related to particular carriers and sites. We ensure the preparation of all the claims in a fixed turnaround time which is usually about a day. The medical claims are then tested for proper details, accurate diagnosis, and precise coding.  Subsequent to the accurate preparation of medical claims, they are thoroughly inspected for a clean and clear claim preparation.

  1.     Electronically transmission of the claims

Following through inspection, the medical claims are provided to the transmission department by electronic means.

  1.    Printing and Sending off the claims

Finally, the coded, inspected and recorded medical claims are printed out send off to the suitable insurance company. Moreover, some additional required documents are also attached with the claims for the necessary usage. Our professional medical billers follow up the insurers until the final completion is made.

Patient-related information is comprised of

  •    Demographics
  •    Past Medical Records
  •    Summary of diagnoses
  •    Medical updates after every visit to the relevant physician.

The patient pays to the hospital at the time of the submission of the required medical insurance information. The hospital receives the last payment after final settlement of the claim by the insurance agents.   

Additional Favors to Partnering with our Medical Billing Company

  1.    Make the most out of your saved time: Outsourcing medical billing services to us saves your time which otherwise would spend in collecting relevant information and preparation of the medical claims. In this way, a physician can devote plenty of hours to provide optimum care as well as to educate patients regarding preventative measures of various diseases. Moreover, you can pay more attention towards improving the process of care delivery as much as possible. In this way, you can contribute to the desired growth of your practice which is vital to ensure ultimate success.    


  1.    The automated procedure makes it easier: We have established automated systems for verification of the claims and proper coding. Automation reduces human-error, saves a lot of your time as well as provides instant results. In this way, you can rid of the stress of performing the tough medical billing and coding and can add to the number of patients also

iii.    Give a lift to your revenue cycle: You can give a lift to your revenue cycle by outsourcing medical billing to us. Outsourcing to us allows you to cut down the operational cost by using minimal resources and paying only for the medical claim settlement. Relying on in-house billing can cause a significant drop in your reimbursements since you will be unable to create a balance between optimum care delivery and accurate medical billing. In this way, your revenue cycle could be compromised.

  1.    Acquire Flawless Claims: Having a clean claim which will be accepted even at a first submission without facing any rejection or denial is a plus for development of your practice. When you outsource to us, you get error-free and perfect claims. In this way, you step ahead to maximize your revenue cycle.   
  2.    Reliable Services: Our well-skilled workforce guarantees the delivery of sought-after medical billing and coding services. They integrate right tools and newest technology to carry out optimum medical billing and coding. Furthermore, they keep on updating their tools and knowledge to be in compliance HIPAA as well as take all the necessary measures to protect your claims from data breaches. Providing secured and flawless medical billing and coding services are what makes a reliable medical billing company all across the world.      

Get more value than what you pay by outsourcing to us

In order to thrive in the current completive healthcare industry, looking for the ways through which you can make the most out of your healthcare practice with cutting down operational expenses can be a revenue-maximizing as well as a highly favorable approach. When you outsource medical billing services to expert medical billing company like us, you gain more of what you invested and what you expected. Our process of delivering medical billing and coding services is par excellence and fosters an increased revenue cycle.

We are just at a distance of one call for supporting all our additional queries and concerns. Our customer care squad is on hand 24/7 for providing optimum support to the clients. Collaborate with us for the best of your healthcare practice and to achieve your business goals at a faster pace.