VilactoBio Harnesses Cutting-Edge Technology and Research in it’s Skincare Line

It’s pretty much guaranteed you’re going to be standing in the supermarket aisle looking for some sort of skincare product during your life. Maybe if you’re not shopping for yourself, then you’re out trying to help a friend or family member search for an anti-aging cream or something similar.  
As global populations continue to get older, especially with the Baby Boomer generation in the United States, this scenario might be playing out a lot more than one thinks very soon.

Much like trying to navigate through life, sifting through pop up ads for skin lotions on the internet or commercials for anti-aging masks on the TV can be somewhat of a struggle. One company’s trying to come to your rescue though by using the power of science to create a top-of the line, no nonsense skincare product line.

VilactoBio has been focused on creating skincare products that “smoothen and repair skin like no other product has before.”

The company is a preclinical stage biotechnology company trying to bring new and innovative cosmetic products and biopharmaceutical therapies to the market after lots of research. They’re out to make products that help cells regenerate so your skin will stay beautiful and healthy.

Even better, they really hate harmful substances like dyes, allergens and perfumes, so they don’t use any of that in production.

One of their most innovative ideas is a particular type of compound that’s based on milk that a cow makes after calving. The company calls it the Lactoactive molecule (which already sounds pretty impressive). Built by a team in Denmark, it has gotten a lot of attention because it has shown “above average effects during various studies for the treatment of skin concerns such as ageing, psoriasis, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases.”

The company’s products also use the power of hyaluronic acid (which might sound slightly dangerous, but is actually really useful) to restore skin elasticity.

Celebrity Carmen Electra became a strong supporter of VilactoBio after trying some of their products for herself. She recently signed a licensing agreement to work with the company to make her own line of skin care products. Lots of people don’t seem to like to like celebrity product endorsements today, but company CEO Gert Anderson said in late October that Lactoactive has “earned its place in the upper echelon of high-quality skin products.” So it looks like it’s here to stay no matter who puts their name behind it.

You can probably already tell VilactoBio’s doing some pretty impressive work. Company products can even link up with the body’s immune system to give therapeutic relief. They’re also trying to make proteins that will pass through the body to render aid where it’s needed against diseases like cancer, diabetes and rheumatism.

The company has bases in the Untied States, Denmark, and Lithuania that are really burrowing down and churning out what is is readily becoming novel progress in the drug and pharmacological industries.

They recently agreed to work with an acclaimed independent investor relations firm to manage investor and financial communications, so it looks like they’re really making a statement in the industry. That’s also some good news if you’re planning to head to their website to buy some of their products.

The anti-aging industry is one of the fastest growing out there. It’s estimated that the product market will be about $273.8 billion by 2020. So it only makes sense that there are many other companies besides VilactoBio trying to innovate for skincare.   

Cosmetics brand Artistry Crème LuXury developed technology about seven years ago that uses a natural lipid called cardiolipin to help with absorption and skin renewal. Lots of laser technology has also hit doctor’s offices that’s part of a focus on minimally invasive procedures to heal and rejuvenate skin without the use of any messy liquids or creams.  

Next time you’re in the store pondering the many skincare lotions and creams on the shelf, it might be time to think a bit differently and try something new that harnesses cutting-edge technology and research. Instead, keep the intriguing and interesting innovations from VilactoBio in mind.