Wai Lana’s Musical Video “Alive Forever” – A Great Lesson from Yoga Scriptures Well Explained

Alive Forever is full of inspiration and depth as it is captivating to the viewers. This music video is simply soothing and beautiful that it hits you to the core. With the original vocal recordings, it simply uncover the simple and deep teachings of yoga related to our lives and aging. This is remarkable as it can be shared with people around the world.

Through this music video that is indeed very special to her, this helps people in increasing their awareness of the fundamentals and valuable teachings of yoga. The strong emphasis is also on being an eternal spiritual being and one should not consider himself as the material body.

The teachings of yoga has already been meditated for centuries by yogis. This further helps you to appreciate more about the things in life and not just the material body.  Being a spiritual and eternal being, we should not be afraid of the aging and body drooping.

The music video is definitely after making you happy and peaceful and is also after assuring you of not being afraid of getting old. This is directly intended towards the true self that is ever-lasting and youthful. The mere understanding of this one reflective truth can lead you to live life in happiness and peace that you have ever wanted. There will also be no rooms for sadness but only happiness upon the mere acceptance of teachings i.e. Aham Brahmasmi.

In it are the discovery of more significant things in life such as the blessings and the power of gratitude. It also emphasizes about the good feeling of being blessed about life and the wisdoms gained throughout the years that are more powerful and valuable in facing the years to come.

But, more importantly, the power is on the appreciation of eternal spiritual beings than the material bodies.