Injured woman in car crash getting a whiplash neck brace

What are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can quickly lead to serious injury or even death, especially if your vehicle is not up to safety standards or if you were not wearing a seatbelt during the collision itself. Understanding the most common injuries sustained during an auto accident is helpful when determining whether or not you require medical attention once the crash is over. In most cases, it is highly advisable to seek medical attention to avoid potential risks of concussions and potential internal bleeding.

Most Common Injuries Related to Auto Accidents

Two of the most common injuries sustained during auto accidents include whiplash and concussions. The impact of a collision with another vehicle at high speeds can cause severe whiplash in the head and neck, prompting the need for medical attention to ensure you are not suffering from a potential concussion. Concussions are not always easily diagnosed without visiting a hospital for further tests and examinations. Concussions do not always prompt signs and symptoms immediately after a head injury, which is why it is important to see a doctor immediately after a crash. Even if you feel okay after a crash, it is imperative to seek medical attention at a nearby hospital if you collided with another vehicle or crashed while driving above 10 MPH.

Bone fractures are also extremely common in trucking or car accidents, especially if you were involved in a rear-end crash. Bone fractures may cause swelling, redness, severe pain, and the inability to utilize the area of your body as normal. A hospital is able to provide you with x-rays and MRIs if necessary to determine the extent of your bone fracture and how to properly treat it.

Musculoskeletal injuries are prevalent in heavy-impact auto accidents. When you are in a collision that is sudden, unexpected, and at high speeds, you have likely suffered musculoskeletal injuries throughout your tendons, muscles, and even your nerve fibers. Musculoskeletal injuries are caused by quick jerking, bending, or movements that are unexpected when you are involved in a vehicle accident. If you are driving a large truck, the injuries can quickly become even more devastating due to the size of the vehicle and depending on how fast you were driving when the accident occurred.

Meet With a Trucking Accident Lawyer

Anytime you are involved in a trucking accident and you have sustained an injury it is essential to seek out a consultation with a professional attorney who works with collision and personal injury cases. When you are involved in an accident, seek out trucking accident lawyers who specialize in auto accidents and personal injuries sustained during or after the crash to gain peace of mind and to feel comfortable with and confident in moving forward with your case. The right attorney will be willing to fight for damages on your behalf to help you return to life with a sense of normalcy, even while you are healing or if you have permanent injuries that will last the rest of your life.