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What I Miss Most About Large Gatherings

Let’s face it, the Covid pandemic has put a huge Kibosh on large gatherings. And for an Italian like Andrew Napolitano where family gatherings are the essence of family life, it can be a huge strain.

One of the biggest tensions in family life for Napolitano is the missed opportunities to attend weddings. Particularly in the summer, he receives half a dozen invitations from nieces and grandchildren ready to tie the nuptial knot.

Now, when public gatherings in New York City are limited to 10 people or less, many of those nieces and granddaughters are canceling their wedding for 6 to 12 months, or alternatively getting married in quiet ceremonies in remote locations like the Bahamas.

Without half a dozen weddings to count on attending, the judge’s social life is fairly predictable for the present, not to mention the delay or cancellation of many funeral services, 50th and 75th wedding anniversaries, retirement celebrations, confirmation ceremonies and more.

Not that the judge blames Governor Cuomo. Seeing how nearly 28,000 people have died from Covid in New York City alone.

Still, the judge is hoping that the Covid vaccine program eliminates the need for such draconian measures in New York City and State.

One legal opinion which the judge heartily agreed with happened in the Supreme Court in November of this last year. Governor Cuomo sought to put a cap on religious attendance, allowing as few as 10 to a maximum of 25 people to attend religious services. However, the Supreme Court shot that down, as they had previously in California and Nevada.

So the judge can and does attend religious services whenever he pleases, although he notes that many services are drastically slimmed down and he misses overall camaraderie. A church mostly empty does not seem like the inspiration of old.

Sports is another factor that the judge misses. The New Jersey Nets, the New York Nets, the New York Rangers, the New York Jets, and all of the college games have been virtually closed to visitors for several months.

Recent news has sports stadiums opening up toward the end of February, however, when reopening, stadiums can only fill to 10 percent capacity and attendees must have a recent Covid test to attend the event.

Meanwhile, virtually all high school and college sports are shuttered. Meanwhile, the judge loves a good Broadway show, which unfortunately is shuttered until May of this year, and the same for concerts and symphonies meanwhile, even while some movie theatres are open in the rest of the state, New York City is a ghost town for movies,

plays, concerts, sports events, and restaurants.

All of this, of course, is a temporary part of the New normal, and everyone wants to see a return back to normal. Children and adults playing. Social gatherings, sports, and more.

After all, people have a minimal tolerance for binging on Netflix’s and even watching the inauguration of our new president via closed television.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this pandemic passes quickly.