What to expect in a Dental Exam

A great smile can add much more to your personality; and teeth are an important part of it. There are different dental institutes that are helping people to achieve a beautiful smile. The Mapleridge Dental Dentistry is also one of them that has been giving people a beautiful smile in its vicinity since its inauguration. The doctors and staff are a team of dental experts who performs different dental treatments on their patients. The dentist starts dental treatment by giving every patient a dental exam. A dental exam is the first thing that dentists do when you visit them. A dental examination is a visual display of the whole mouth and throat, which is conducted to identify oral problems. Further radiographs are also used to complete evaluation and pinpoint the exact problem within the mouth. A dental exam can reveal several things that include your dental hygiene, cavities, gum and bone decline, any broken or damaged teeth, etc.  

Major areas that are covered in a dental exam:

Here are some details about how a dental exam is done and what areas are covered in a normal dental exam by a dentist. Have a look:

  1. Reveal the need for cleaning: Cleaning teeth is a part of a dental examination and an important one. The real dental problem doesn’t reveal itself unless the teeth are clean. The dentist also cleans up the plaque and debris on the teeth. Cleaning of teeth is very important. Dental cleaning is also known as dental prophylaxis. In this process, the dentist reduces dental plaque and tartar (calculus) from the teeth. Specific equipment and chemicals are used for this purpose to carefully remove plaque and debris to ensure that it wouldn’t hurt patients. Some people opt for a dental cleaning to look more attractive as well. 
  2. Look for indications of decay or periodontal disease: A dental exam can reveal any indications of tooth decay or any periodontal disease in a patient’s mouth. Although further follow up tests are necessary for any particular problem, but the dental exam can pretty much reveal any problem. Root canals are generally used on the tooth that is infected or damaged from the root. The dentist takes out the infected pulp, cleans out the inside and do the filling in a step by step process for the proper function of a tooth.  
  3. Dental x-rays: When dental cleaning isn’t enough to reveal the cause of pain, dentists suggest dental x-rays. X-rays reveal bone and gum problems in your mouth. They can also reveal if someone had any issue in his or her jawbones. Sometimes dentist performs an exam to detect cancer which requires an evaluation of cheekbones, gums, and tongue, underneath the jaw, throat, and neck. 
  4. Evaluate occlusion (bite): A lot of people can feel pain because of the rough alignment of their teeth. A dental exam covers occlusion specifically to reveal if there is a problem.
  5. Evaluate jaw: Jaws and jawline is an important thing in dentistry. People who hurt themselves on their jaw need proper care and evaluation for dental treatment.