What You Should Know Before Taking Muscle Enhancers

If you’ve often thought of bulking up like weightlifters, you may have thought of taking muscle enhancers. While most may take protein supplements to enhance muscle mass, several bodybuilders may look for more hardcore supplements, like anabolic steroids, prohormones, or SARMs as muscle enhancers.  

In this article, you’ll learn the things you should know before taking muscle enhancers. Read on!

Do You Really Need To Take Muscle Enhancers?

If you have a committed healthy lifestyle, a comprehensive workout program, and the proper diet in place, getting into good physical shape is actually possible even without taking muscle enhancers. But, of course, the most natural way of sculpting your body requires extraordinary patience and persistence.

However, if you’re looking for a radical body transformation, you could consider taking muscle-builders. From being skinny or flabby, you can become downright sturdy in the shortest period possible time.

Just make sure that whatever product you’ll take has undergone clinical testing to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Well, muscle enhancers are known to have side effects. But, you can do your research and figure out which is the most effective and safest to take. Before making your choices, do your due diligence by checking out an unbiased online forum.

Side Effects  

As already mentioned, muscle enhancers, especially the hardcore ones, have side effects. Some of the common side effects you’ll encounter are acne breakout, headaches, low libido, high blood pressure, and liver damage. Therefore, before you start using these products, do some research to ensure your safety. Also, be sure not to take the word of the product’s manufacturer as there’s a large amount of scientific data that can be used to prove or disprove a product’s safety. Most of the side effects, however, depend on how intelligently the products are used, especially when it comes to dosing.

What Muscle Enhancers Should You Consider?

It’s important to take note that you’re only supplementing because achieving optimized muscle growth and preservation is hard due to your diet, not giving copious amounts of the natural substances your body requires. An insufficient amount of these natural substances also means that your body won’t be able to reduce, or, at least, control your midsection’s visceral and subcutaneous fat.

The most basic supplements that help in muscle development are creatine and whey protein. However, if you’re tempted to use hardcore muscle enhancing drugs to crush your muscle development’s plateau, consider SARMs, prohormones, and anabolic steroids.

  • SARMs – SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators are androgen receptor molecules of a unique class. The benefits that SARMs provide are the same as anabolic steroids, minus the anabolic androgenic steroids-associated side effects.

The idea behind SARMs is great: develop a compound capable of binding androgen receptors on just muscle tissue and nowhere else. But, while SARMs sound great, they’re brand new, synthetic chemicals. That means their long-term negative side effects are not yet known.

  • Prohormones – Think of prohormones as compounds that are lying somewhere between testosterone boosters and anabolic androgenic steroids. Compared to taking steroids directly, these chemical precursors to hormones and steroids have effects that are usually somewhat milder. But, just like androgens, prohormones can trigger strength and muscle increases, along with decreased fat.
  • Anabolic Steroids – These synthetic compounds mimic the effects of testosterone. Just like the primary male sex hormone, anabolic androgenic steroids bind to the androgen receptors. They also provide the same anabolic effects. By taking anabolic steroids, your body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat increases. Taking these compounds can also result in increased aggression and fertility.

All of these muscle-enhancing supplement groups have got their places. For newbies, it’s hard to differentiate them. However, with SARMs not yet officially approved for human consumption as of the moment, most experts would recommend you stick with either prohormones or anabolic steroids for now. If you’re unsure which is right for you, a more comprehensive SARMs vs prohormones vs steroids article might help.

When Should You Start Taking Muscle Enhancers?

Only take muscle-building supplements, especially hardcore ones, like SARMs, prohormones, and steroids, when you already have a fitness regimen established for yourself. That’s approximately four to six weeks of working out. Your muscles are ready for greater and faster growth by then.

By taking muscle enhancers, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Muscle Development – One of the main reasons that bodybuilders love prohormones or SARMs is because of their ability to induce muscle growth. When it comes to muscle mass, there’s only one way for a person to see noticeable and fast muscle growth, and that’s through the process of muscle development using muscle enhancers.  
  • Reduced Body Fat – Muscle enhancers work by increasing your body’s testosterone level, which promotes fat burning in your body. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that causes the formation of muscles throughout your body. If you’re trying to lose weight by taking muscle enhancers, then make sure that you consult your physician first. Your doctor can tell you whether the product you’re thinking of using is safe. 
  • Improved Recovery – If you’re lifting weights regularly, you want to make sure that you are protecting your joints. Because of the constant movement of the weights, your muscle fibers are always being strained and pulled. This constant pulling causes them to break down. By using muscle enhancers, such as steroids, SARMs, and prohormones, you can protect your joints during the lifting process.


Any muscle enhancer—may it be the basic supplements or the hardcore ones, like SARMs, prohormone, and anabolic androgenic steroids—should only serve as an addition to your well-planned nutrition program and realistic, progressive training.

Stay committed and positive. Always keep in mind that everything worth earning is earned incrementally. 

Muscle supplements or enhancers aren’t magic. They won’t make a skinny body bulky overnight, but they can make it bulk up fast if you increase your gym effort instead of reducing it. And, since taking muscle supplements or enhancers could have side effects on your body, talk to your doctor immediately if something doesn’t feel right. However, as long as you don’t abuse these substances, they should work well for you.