When Health Conditions Aren’t Necessarily Your Fault

There are lots of times when health conditions that you have are entirely your fault. If you overeat, you’re going to gain weight. If you have too much salt or sugar in your diet, you’re not going to feel your best, and there are always diabetes and hypertension possibilities. However, there are a lot of times when health conditions aren’t necessarily your fault, but you still have to deal with them.

Think about the cases of slip and fall injuries, basic genetics, dangerous workplaces, and environmental issues. All of those can lead to varieties of health trouble that aren’t your fault. Nonetheless, you still need to figure out pain management techniques to help with them in the long-term.

Slip and Fall Injuries

It’s always unfortunate to end up with a slip and fall injury. A patch of ice on the sidewalk in front of the business can result in a broken hip, broken wrist, or even head trauma. The resulting conditions aren’t your fault, but they’re still a part of your life from then on. Make sure to contact a slip and fall lawyer in these instances, because long-term care and management needs are probably going to be expensive.


For better or worse, you can’t argue with your genetics. And as it turns out, genetic makeup is the cause of lots of diseases and illnesses. The only thing you can do when it comes to genetics will be to take care of yourself in the best way possible, and also make sure that your diet and exercise relates to giving you the best quality of life possible. Maybe in the future, there will be ways to solve genetic issues, but we’re not in that timeframe yet.

Dangerous Workplaces

Dangerous workplaces cause injuries. Even looking at a few workplace injury statistics, you can tell which jobs have the most likelihood of injuring you. Some occupations are just dangerous. When you choose those for a career, you’re accepting the cost, and the risk, in exchange for some benefit that you assume will come to you in the long term working in that field.

Environmental Issues

And there is a lot of attention right now concerning environmental issues and health. Think of the situation of coal miners. Think of people who work around a lot of different pollutants. Think of people who work out in the hot sun or the bitter cold. All of these environmental conditions can eventually cause health problems, which is why it’s important to understand what you’re getting into first, and then try to protect yourself as much as possible. No person is ever completely safe, but that doesn’t mean that you should profess to be ignorant of the consequences of some environments.