When Should You Have a Tooth Extracted?

Dental care and oral hygiene are extremely important parts of personal health care. Thus, it is quite necessary to know about dental care and several procedures related to it. Tooth extraction per say is a procedure that a lot of adults as well as young adults have to go through and there are a lot of reasons behind it. Before knowing when you should have a tooth extraction let’s know about why? Many reasons can lead to teeth extraction like tooth infection, severe tooth decay and crowding. 

When you get braces, there are chances that a tooth is required to be removed in order to make room for other teeth for shifting in place. After knowing why, you should know who removes the tooth. Dentist or an oral surgeon, the answer is obvious but it is important to get the job done by a professional especially when it is an emergency.  For getting your tooth extracted in no time you can contact dental emergency care Cincinnati OH.

An accident 

Accidents are terrible and sometimes it might hurt the jaw and immediate dental solutions seem unavoidable. In such cases you could always contact dental emergency care. Doing so assures better and faster solution of your tooth extraction as well as any other dental need after an accident. Losing a tooth in an accident is heartbreaking but it could also be fixed with bonding, dental crowns or veneers. 


Another scenario in which tooth extraction becomes essential is a severe oral infection. This calls for a no delay visit to your dental clinic, infection makes it extremely difficult to chew, bite and several other regular things. When you ignore the infection in its early stage, extracting out the infected tooth or a couple of them becomes the only solution. 

Overcrowding & impacted tooth

 In order to get rid of overcrowding in your mouth it becomes quite essential to remove a tooth or two. The same is suggested to the people who have to go through the orthodontic treatment as sometimes there is a very little space for teeth to realign or move. In simpler words, before an orthodontic treatment the process of tooth extraction is required only if there is lack of room for moving or realigning teeth. A tooth impacts when it gets blocked from growing or when teeth gums are not completely erupted, it repels the tooth to grow. In order to prevent the impacted tooth from causing harm to other teeth, dentists suggest tooth extraction.    

Preparation you need before a tooth extraction

Before you schedule an appointment with a dentist or pediatric dentist there are a number of things you have to keep in mind and there’s no exception for tooth extraction. Prior to the procedure of tooth extraction make sure that you have informed your dentist about any kind of vitamins, medication, or supplement you take. There are several types of medicinal drugs that might affect your procedure in an adverse way. Hence, you must discuss your health with your dentist before going on with the procedure of tooth extraction. Let’s move further and get familiar with the scenarios that might lead you to tooth extraction. 

You are not done yet 

After being through the tooth removal operation you should take care and rest for a couple of days. The dentists also advise the same, post procedure is the recovery time. Here are few things that might help you in recovering faster-

  • Don’t shy away from prescribed painkillers
  • Go gentle on gauze pad, dentists place it in order to eliminate clotting in tooth socket and reduce bleeding
  • Use ice bag on the affected area soon after tooth removal, this helps in keeping the swelling down
  • Avoid spitting as well as rinsing with force for about a day or two

Along with that, eat easily chewable food and intake juices or soups for a few days. Try not to smoke for a few days and it would be great if you keep up with the regular oral hygiene. Now when you know all about it, you might want to get in touch with a dentist or pediatric dentist as soon as possible. 

How much does it cost?

The cost required for going through a tooth extraction process varies from 75 to 200 dollars per tooth. The factor on which the cost of tooth extraction depends on is whether or not the particular tooth is impacted. Another factor that affects cost of operation is anesthesia required for the patient. There are many insurance plans that cover dental health as well but it is not necessary that your friendly neighborhood dentist accept all the types of insurance. However, there are some dental clinics and individual dentists that consider all the major types of insurances. 

Make sure you keep the above-mentioned points in mind and prepare well in advance to have a hassle-free experience at the dentist.