Why Employers Need Wellness Solutions for Businesses that Focus on Stress Management for Employees

Stress in the work place has a bigger impact on your business and your bottom line than you may realize. It costs businesses in both the form of absenteeism among employees who are taking days or weeks off work to deal with stress and general mental health issues. It also impacts employers in lost productivity – even among employees who do show up for work.


Left unchecked, work-related stress can lead to long-term health issues lie heart disease, depression, and diabetes? At the very least, it can lead to employee dissatisfaction, higher turnover rates in the workplace, and disengagement. All of these things can have a negative impact on company wide morale and your profitability. That is why employee stress needs to be a number one concern for your business and one thing that your executive health plan and corporate wellness program addresses widely.


Common Causes of Stress in the Workplace


You’ll be surprised at the things employees find stressful in their jobs. Even in an atmosphere that prides itself in providing low stress in the course of the work, stress related to paying their bills and meeting the needs of their families remain work-related stress problems. These are just a few of the common reasons employees feel stressed out from their jobs.


  • Conflicting or Unclear Expectations
  • Difficulties Relating to a Coworkers or Supervisor
  • Employees aren’t Engaged in their Work
  • Employees feel Overworked
  • Impossible Deadlines and Demands
  • Job Insecurity
  • Lack of Advancement Opportunities
  • Lack on Control Over Work-Related Decisions
  • Lack of Support in the Office
  • Low Salaries

The more of these contributing factors that are present in your workplace the more widespread your organizational problems with work-stress may be.

Addressing Stress in the Workplace

Stress is a reality in many workplaces throughout Canada. It is one that must be addressed if businesses want to attract top talent, remain competitive in the marketplace, and grow rather than stagnate. One instrumental step you can take as a business owner is to adopt corporate wellness programs in Canada that shift the focus of your company culture to one that works to reduce and eliminate stress among employees. These are a few steps you can take to help reduce stress, and its demoralizing effect, from your workplace.

Educate Your Leaders

Leaders and managers need to set examples when it comes to dealing with stress. Educate them about the actions they can take to set solid examples for managing stress and promoting health throughout their days. Thinks like exercising during lunch breaks, eating healthier foods, and even changing other wellness habits.

Encourage Vacations

Companies, like yours, offer employee vacations because you understand the motivational and restorative benefits they offer. Encourage your employees to take time off and decompress from the stress of the job.

Establish Expectations

Encourage employees to enjoy their time off the clock – off the clock. This means that you need to give them their free time. Don’t email them about work issues. Don’t communicate with them at all – outside of emergencies that directly impact them, of course. Give them the expectation of their own free time.

Little moves like this can go a long way towards reducing resentment, restoring mental health, and reducing stress in the workplace. Work with executive fitness leaders and providers of workplace wellness solutions to create your own office culture that promotes stress management and reduction for employees.