Why Himalayan Pink Salt is the “King of Salts”

Just about every kitchen in the world has some kind of salt in it. It could be common table salt that you sprinkle on your chips, or nice coarse sea salt in a grinder that you crunch over a filet of fried fish. One type of salt that stands above all others, however, is the mighty Himalayan pink salt. When you freshly grind your own Himalayan pink rock salt over your favorite foods, or even into your bathtub, you quickly discover why it’s the “King of Salts.”

It’s Incredibly Versatile

Himalayan pink salt has many uses, both for culinary, decorative and health benefits. Besides the obvious application of being sprinkled on food, it also comes in larger “rocks” that can be used to decorate a plate and really elevate the overall aesthetic. It’s not just for decorating savoury dishes, either. If you freeze the salt first, you can use it as a colourful addition to a desert plate, or make it the plate itself!

The salt sometimes comes in larger blocks/slabs which are used for cooking and as serving platters. It’s a great way to set your own dinner party apart from those of your friends and really add the wow factor to your dishes, and the slabs survive equally well chilled or frozen depending on the food you want to place upon them. What’s more, the slab will add its own enrichment of a natural salt taste, as well as its many minerals.

Finally, you can also use the Himalayan pink rock salt for a salt detox bath. Dissolve the salt in the bath and it will release its more than 80 different kinds of detoxifying and skin-nourishing minerals. It can offer a refreshing and deep cleansing of your skin.

It Can Purify Your Air

If you’ve ever seen someone with a lamp made from Himalayan pink rock salt — yes, it can also be used for lamp making — you’re looking at a device that can assist in making the air in the room all the more pure and breathable. The salt heats up from the warmth of the lamp and generates negative ions, which engage in battle with the positive ions of dust and pollen. It’s a great help in the summertime. It won’t work like a modern high-tech air purifier, but it adds additional power to that effort when you place them around the room.

Some of the lamps even come with built-in oil diffuser cups in which owners can pour essential oils, which diffuses with the heat of the lamp and adds further ambience to the room. This rock salt isn’t just a stunning and unique material to make lamps with, but also one that lends itself to the overall healthy ambience of a room.

Use Your Rock Salt in a “Neti Pot”

If you buy a bag of coarse Himalayan pink rock salt, one further use outside of the kitchen is by adding it to what is known as a Neti Pot. This is a small jug with a long upward-curving spout that is commonly used for nasal irrigation. That sounds a little off, but the idea is to enrich some water with the pink salt, and then use it to flush your sinuses when they feel stuffy from allergies or just in need of some care and attention.

Most Himalayan pink rock salt comes from the mountains of Pakistan and is a salt that is proving to be truly the king of all salts. Above are just some of its many applications and benefits. You’ll find that whatever form it comes in – finely or coarsely ground, as larger rocks, as a solid slab, as a lamp or something else, it’ll find a perfect use in your home.