Why isn’t Health Taken more Seriously?

Helen Schifter is someone who has been very passionate about communicating the value of practicing a healthy lifestyle to the masses. Schifter has written extensively about the importance of society embracing a stronger and more concrete approach to leading a healthier lifestyle. This is a message that is neglected by too many at the expense of other pursuits – including but not limited to professional and career pursuits. This is wrong and something that should be changed in as rapid and aggressive a fashion as possible. 

Helen Schifter has practiced a healthy lifestyle herself, as has been documented in Medium’s Authority Magazine. But she’s been very intent on ensuring that this is a message that is not only practiced by herself personally, but instead practiced by as many as humanly possible. It  is indeed a sad narrative that there isn’t more done to educate the ordinary members of the public about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we are taught from a young age of the importance of pursuing a career and professional development at the cost of health and sacrificing physical or even emotional and mental will-power.

This is wrong and it is indeed a sad and unfortunate by-product of our society and culture’s hyper focus on monetary value and reward. What’s especially tragic is the fact that our nation’s youth are the ones that are not being served in all of this. For example, consider the obesity epidemic and how many of our young people are plagued with this horrible condition that inevitably has adverse implications on their physical health and well-being. 

This is of course a product of a lack of fitness and not having subscribed to any sort of meaningful work-out regimen that could change and alter the course of their physical health. A consistent and meaningful work-out routine can truly have a meaningful impact on combatting obesity for many young people that have been plagued by it . But beyond that, working out does not have to take place in the gym or in any sort of fitness context.

Of course, athletics can also be employed in order to help one serve a healthier lifestyle, and burn calories in the process. Whether it’s playing a sport one might enjoy like basketball, baseball or football, or going for a daily or regular jog or run – these are all useful ways one can combat obesity. But why is there not a movement within society to seek to inform our nation’s young people of the value of working out and maintaining a healthier lifestyle? There must be. To not change this paradigm, is to forsake and neglect the health of the next generation of Americans. To do so, would be pure malpractice.

For what can possibly be more important than ensuring the continued health and well-being of our society and American citizenry? But in order to accomplish this important task of great significance there needs to be a mutual understanding between policymakers and young Americans of the significance of incorporating health and wellness into our lives. This needs to feature as a central and prominent component in a prospective influencer campaign meant to persuade members of the youth demographic to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Helen Schifter preaches the need for a renewed understanding of health and wellness on the basis of what the future holds for people in the event that there continues to be a willful disregard for its value. Health and wellness needs to be prioritized no matter the age group, demographic or cultural background of the audience. The entire society writ large needs to take this matter seriously. In the absence of that, we are putting the lives of future generations in peril. And that’s not only wrong – but it  is abominably reckless. It’s our collective hope that there is renewed importance among prominent figures and those with loyal and substantial followings concerning promoting this message. There needs to be a priority placed on people’s physical health and well-being. So long as this message is not only heard, but also well received and internalized by the general public, and by our nation’s youth there will be immediate and impactful results. It’s for that reason that it’s so important that the message be heard, loud and clear.