Why Not All Athletic Wear is Created Equal

Exercise, running, exerting your body to its furthest limits can give you an incredible feeling…unless you are wearing the wrong athletic gear. If you have the wrong active wear, you might find yourself incredibly uncomfortable and itchy, tugged and pulled in all the wrong places. You can find quality sports clothing and footwear almost everywhere, from the upcoming Adidas sale on your favorite Australia shopping site to the local big box department store. But how can you make sure that you buy the right clothing?

Don’t Sweat It

Performance fabrics are designed to keep the sweat away. When buying your Adidas gear and favorite active wear, choose special materials designed to let your body breathe. They are often made out of synthetic materials like Lycra or even polyester. This might seem surprising for cotton lovers, but synthetic fabrics help keep the perspiration away. This means that your clothes do not cling to you as you work out. Make sure that you purchase clothing from socks to sports bras made out of the right material.

Skip the Skin Tight

Yes, active war can be skin tight, which might not be a bad idea of you are making a fashion statement. However, if you are wearing clothing that is too tight the fabric could ride up, making you uncomfortable or even causing unnecessary chafing as skin and fabric rub against each other. Be comfortable. The clothing should not be too tight or too big. It should fit snugly but allow for a full range of motion. Shorts and shirts should cover your body comfortably and avoid riding up while you exercise.

Safety First

If you are going biking in at night, or like to jog in early morning’s light, purchase clothing that is glow-in-the-dark. Luminescent gear will help vehicles and others see you in the dark. Almost all clothing from hats to shorts to jackets and shoes have glow-in-the-dark options. Prevent accidents and stay safe when you exercise.


This may seem obvious, but always dress for the weather. You might be sweating and hot because of your run, but if the weather is extremely cold, you still need protection. Layering is an easy way to use athletic gear all year. Find pieces that can easily fit over each other. Windbreakers can provide a great protective layer against the elements like snow or rain. The layer closest to your body should have “wicking” properties to keep the sweat away from your body.

Don’t overdress in hot weather. Opt for extra ultra-violet protection if you will be out in the sun. The sun’s rays can be harmful on cloudy days, too. Because of this, it is important to always protect yourself with the right materials. Always covered exposed skin with sunscreen, especially if you plan to go swimming. Choose the right swimwear for the sport. You want swimwear that fits comfortably, stays in place, and protects you from the sun’s rays.

Follow these simple tips to keep yourself comfortable. Choose the right athletic clothing every time you exercise.