The Reasons for Back Pain and Best Solutions

Do you often suffer from back pain? Without a doubt, this fact does not give you to live well and be happy. Then it is time to pay your attention to this problem and try to find a reason.

More and more people visit doctors to ask for a help because of strong pain in the back. Usually, individuals have such concern as their back posture is wrong. It leads to numerous back diseases. However, there are also some other reasons why back hurts. It is really hard to do some exercises for those who suffer from back pain. Physical activities always predict high intention. In addition, if a person will lift something heavy, he or she can damage muscles and make his or her state worse. One more influential aspect is the condition of a mattress. The mattress should be comfortable, of high quality and perfect for your sleep like Helix Mattress.

In spite of the fact that back pains can be periodical and even bearable, it is extremely significant to define the reason and start a proper treatment. It is necessary for prevention more serious complications.

There are main reasons for back pain.


  • Lumbar osteoarthritis


This disease damages invertebral discs that are stabilizer blocks for the spine. Consequently, it leads to inflammation that accompanied by pain and numbing in the lower part of the back. Moreover, having this problem it is hard to lead the usual lifestyle and do any physical work. The root of lumbar osteoarthritis is joint aging. Besides, this syndrome can be because of serious injuries or overpressure.


  • Weakness in muscles


Insufficient and irregular physical assignments, unhealthy food, passive way of life and bad habits – all these negative factors influence the state and functions of muscles negatively. When your muscles weaken and become less strong, your spine is also getting weaker. Thus, your joints lose strength and ability to keep you fit. All these symptoms can provoke muscle sprain that in turn causes the spreading of pain on the lower part of the back and lower limbs.


  • Muscle sprain


First, you can think that this problem is not essential. However, it breaks the strength of spine. Then it is more problematic for individuals to keep back posture in a good way. The reason for muscle sprain is often physical exercises with higher intensity or sharp movements.


  • The gastric or intestinal disorder


The majority of people think that back pain is connected only with spine problems, whereas pain feelings are often linked to digestion disorders or diseases with the digestive tract. So be ready to examine your stomach and intestine.


  • Kidney disease


It is important to be attentive to you kidneys especially when you have some pains in your back. Kidneys and back are closely linked. Kidney diseases often cause uncomfortable pain feelings in the low back. This symptom is not single but it is one of the main factors that define some drawbacks with the kidney.


  • Uncomfortable mattress


Having back pain, people do not connect their problems with the low quality of the mattress. However, mattress plays the most important role for a healthy back. The mattress of low quality leads to poor sleep. Poor sleep, in turn, causes many problems with you back. A comfortable mattress gives you an opportunity to keep your spine in a natural position. If the mattress is too rough, spine and muscles will be strained all the time. It is too soft, and then your spine will come down. In two cases you can receive unpleasant results for your health. A good mattress keeps your spine in a natural way and affords muscles to relax. Helix Mattress is a perfect variant for your health back.  


  • Myositis


Myositis is an inflammatory process in muscles. It can often be on the muscles of the back. This factor is usually caused by cold, getting chilled or drafts. Here warming creams are helpful but only with easy phase.


  • Injuries


Sometimes even a little injury can provoke big problems and painful feelings in your back. Damaged spine causes back discomfort.


  • Pregnancy


Often back pain is observed during pregnancy. It is normal when these pains are periodical and not strong. However, if pain feelings are accompanied by other symptoms or it hard to bear them, it is time to visit a doctor.


  • Unhealthy food.


People do not even suspect that everything in our body depends on what we eat. Too spicy, sugary or salty meal can give negative results for your body especially back.


  • Inactive life.


Passive lifestyle is a popular factor of possible back pains. Particularly this fact concerns office employees. Such people do not even consider it until they have a serious problem with their back.

How can we avoid back pain and keep it in good condition? It is a highly popular question. Here are some ways of having strong and healthy back.


  • Move more.


Many people work in an office and have a sedentary life. You need to do sport more often and be more active.


  • Build muscles.


Muscles keep your spine, that is why they must be strong and trained to do their functions well.


  • Stretch out.


Muscles need not only training but also stretching. Yoga, stretching, swimming is perfect variants for this activity.


  • Pay attention to your back posture.


Sit and walk straight and set back your shoulders. It is also essential to know how to lift heavy things correctly. All these aspects influence your back.


  • Watch weight


Extra weight causes higher pressure on your spine. So it is necessary to make your life easier and healthier.


  • Use Helix Mattress.


A comfortable mattress is a guarantee of a healthy back.


  • Eat healthy food.


Healthy food is vital for your health in general. Only eating fresh and useful products you will be healthy and happy. Back pains will not disturb you as well.

Back is one of the most significant parts of our body. The bad or good condition of back points at our lifestyle and attitude to health.