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Why Positivity Matters

Positivity has inspired so many people to be more courteous and generous humans. For example, Shalom Lamm runs a non-profit and is constantly donating to charities. This is because he has let positivity into his life and wants to sustain it. The acts of kindness that each person does helps spread happiness and joy to all walks of life. 

When a person alters their attitude to be more positive and happier, so many benefits come along with it. When a scary or negative event occurs, it’s easy to let anger creep in and try to control the situation in a non-positive way. However, taking a breather and then shifting an attitude to become more enlightened can really turn a situation around. Sometimes, going for a walk or disconnecting from devices is the best way to turn a negative attitude into a positive one. Think about all the many tragedies the world has faced. Once something like that occurs it’s important that people work together to spread love rather than hate. It’s the same for personal relationships. Shalom Lamm and his wife never go to bed upset they had a disagreement. It’s critical that people share happiness and love, especially during such difficult social times.