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Why Steam Inhalation is the Best Relief for a Cold

a blocked nose and experiencing symptoms of cold can cause anyone to be in a
bad mood. One of the most common home remedies to this mood dampening problem
is steam inhalation. Steam inhalation works by the affected person inhaling
water vapor. The warm air opens the blocked nose, throat, and lungs by
loosening the mucus stuck in them. Even though steam inhalation is not a cure
for sinus infection or a cold, it helps by relieving the symptoms and making it
easier for the person feeling these symptoms to breathing.

most common method of steam inhalation, which has been used for over centuries,
is merely boiling water on the stovetop and inhaling its steam. However,
various companies have now introduced electronic or battery-operated steam
inhalers, which provide a much safer experience than the stovetop method. These
steam inhalers often come with the ability to accept scent pads for
aromatherapy, and some are built with designs that support a portable feature.
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Benefits of Steam Inhalation:

most common cause of a stuffy nose is inflamed blood vessels of the sinuses.
This can happen for several reasons, including acute upper respiratory
infection. One of the main benefits of inhaling the warm, moist air from a
steam inhalation is that it helps ease the irritation in the swollen blood
vessels and relieves the pain allowing for more comfortable breathing. Another
benefit is that the moisture helps thin the mucus making it easier to pass
through and clearing the sinuses. Although these effects may not last for a
very long period, this eases breathing for a short time and relieves pain while
your body fights the infection.

of the symptoms of steam inhalation can provide temporary relief from include:

  • A common cold
  • Bronchitis
  • Nasal Allergies: Dust allergy, pollen allergy
  • Sinus infections
  • Influenza

though steam inhalation offers some relief from symptoms of the flu, it will
not treat the condition entirely, and the virus will be healed by taking proper
medication and by taking the time your body needs to fight it off. However,
until the time when your body is fighting with the infection, steam inhalation
provides relief from the worst part of it. It eases breathing so you can carry
out your daily tasks until you feel ultimately better.

What precautions need to be taken:

designs of the electrical steamers are built with keeping the safety of the
user in mind. Whether it is those you are using the traditional method of
steaming, some precautions have to be taken to ensure safe use and to avoid
getting burned by the water inside the steamer.

  • The most crucial step is making sure the bowl of the steaming
    water is kept on a level surface and not on a slant or in the lap of someone.
  • It is important not to shake the steamer or the bowl of water or
    lean it towards the face as this can cause the water to spill and cause burns.
  • Remembering to close your eyes while inhaling the steam is also
  • Another critical step is to make sure the hot water is out of
    reach of children or pets, so they don’t spill it and burn themselves.

Providing many benefits and having few precautions, steam inhalation provides ease from irritating symptoms and is suitable for the health and skin as well.