Why You Need A Doctor To Document Your Injuries

We all get injuries, and that could happen for a lot of different reasons. Most of the time, you might be tempted to just let it heal on its own or buy some over-the-counter treatments. However, it is essential to go to the doctor and have them document the injury.

The doctor’s documentation of your injury will include the following:

•    All the Appointments from the First to Last

•    The Cause of Injury

•    The Extent of the Injury

•    Treatment Plans

1- Shows the Extent of Injuries

This is one of the most important reasons you need to see a doctor and document your injuries. As they examine the cause and extent of the injury, the doctor ensures that it is not a serious injury that will later cause your health problems or become the beginning of a long-term injury.

Sometimes an injury, especially in the joint, could increase your chances of getting diseases like osteoarthritis, which the doctor could help prevent.

The doctor will perform a physical exam to evaluate if the injury limits any of your functions. They also perform X-rays and other tests to determine if the injury has caused damage to the bones or any other internal organs.

Sometimes injuries on the surface may not look serious, but there could be internal bleeding on the inside, which could be fatal.

2- Helps Doctors Understand the Right Treatment

After understanding the cause and the extent of your injury, the next thing the doctor needs to do is determine the right treatment for your injury. They also administer treatment to manage any further damages that the injury could cause to the internal organs or overall health.

3- Helps with Compensation

Suppose your injury came as a result of an accident or someone hurt you. In that case, doctor documentation is very important if you plan on asking for any kind of compensation from your insurance or the person who hurt you.

Most insurance companies do not compensate people for injuries that they did not get documented by their doctors. According to the doctor’s documentation, the extent and cause of the injury is a high determinant of the compensation that you get.

The documentation also helps determine the economic and non-economic damages caused by the injury, which helps a judge rule the compensation you need.

If you do not have serious injuries but still need compensation from your insurance company, do not make unnecessary visits to the doctor because the insurance company will not pay for those.

4- Evidence in Case of a Crime

One of the most unfortunate ways to get injured is when someone does it or from a car accident. In such cases, you may want to file charges against the person who hurt you if they did not take responsibility.

However, your lawyer cannot just walk in the courtroom and convince the judge that you were indeed injured. They need solid proof to show the injuries, and the best way to do that is using the documentation from your doctor.

The documentation could also act as proof of what the person who injured you used, which makes your case stronger. This is one of the reasons why the defense lawyers always advise their clients to visit a doctor if they suffer any injuries and plan on filing a case.