Why You Should Only Accept Evidence-Based Autism Treatment

There are many different treatment options for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). However, scientific research has only found a small number of them to be effective. Only interventions shown to be effective by researchers are evidence-based. As you might guess, choosing evidence-based treatment is the best option since there is proof that it works. The most common evidence-based therapy is ABA treatment in Miami and other cities.

The Proliferation of Non-Evidence-Based Treatment Options

If you google “autism treatment” or take a look at the keyword on social media sites, it might seem as if there are dozens of options you can choose from. Some of them even claim to “cure” children who are struggling. The reality is that there is no cure for autism, but there are treatment plans that can be used to help a child with autism enjoy a happy and healthy life, such as ABA treatment in Miami.

Alternative practitioners and parents alike will brag about non-evidence-based treatments and the success stories associated with them. The problem is that the bad results are often ignored and never talked about. This can lead to well-meaning parents making choices that might not be right for their child or may even cause harm to them.

ABA Treatment is Number One

As someone who has a child with autism, evidence-based programs, such as ABA treatment in Miami, are the best solution to help people who have autism with social, academic, and communication skills that could be improved. However, there’s more to be aware of than that. Studies also show that one-on-one ABA therapy between the ages of two and five is the most likely to create better improvements in functioning of all kinds.

What ABA Treatment is All About

There are several phases to ABA treatment in Miami, but everything starts with a consultation and assessment. A therapist will talk to you about the strengths and abilities of your child, as well as what challenges they experience. This person will also interact with your child to observe their skills and behavior.

The therapist will use the observations they make to come up with a plan for the child’s ABA treatment in Miami. Every child is different, so the program is unique but might include goals such as increasing communication or reducing the number of harmful behaviors that a child takes part in. The plan will offer strategies for parents, teachers, and others to take part in helping the child reach their goals.

The Goal of ABA Treatment

Every child with autism will have a different set of goals. Some of these might include being more focused in the classroom, showing greater interest in people around them, reducing self-harming behaviors, and having fewer outbursts. Whatever problems are the most pressing will be incorporated into the treatment to ensure the desired results.

If you’re ready to help your child reach their full potential, the professionals at PBS Therapy are here to help you. We use only scientifically-based treatments that are proven to work, so there’s no need to worry about whether the therapy will work. In addition to in-home ABA therapy, we also offer social skills groups, parent training, and more!