Why You Should Remodel Your Basement For Your Health

If you have a basement on your house and it’s basically going to waste, there are some health reasons for why you may want to make the most of that space and turn it into a place that has a use, instead of just a place to collect dust and dampness. You could create a whole new room, or a couple rooms, to use for anything your heart desires.

You may not have much ambition to do anything about your basement, especially if it’s already damp and dark down there. Mold could be growing that could make you and your family sick. You could also be developing allergies, all because of your unkempt basement.

Dealing With Mold

Your musty and damp basement could be a breeding ground for mold, and if that is so it could be causing health issues for you and your family. While most mold is just smelly and annoying, and won’t bother you unless you already have allergies and asthma, black mold can cause these issues in people that don’t normally have allergies or asthma.

It can cause chronic coughing, problems breathing, and more if you are exposed to it long enough. By getting your basement cleaned up and remodeled you reduce the risk of things like mold.You will want to have a kit that can test for black mold, and if you do find some you may want to hire someone to properly deal with it.

Helping Kick Allergies

Even the dampness and/or dust in that dirt or cement filled basement could be causing, or at least aggravating, your allergies. Instead of spending each day popping allergy pills to control the itching, runny eyes and nose, and sneezing, try getting your basement cleaned up and turned into a rec room or a spare room.

Not only will you get more space in your home, but you’ll also be healthier and safer in your home. You may find that even seasonal allergies aren’t as bad as they had been once your basement is a normal part of your livable home areas.

Space For A Fitness Room?

And, if you want to really make your basement a healthy environment, once you’ve remodelled it after removing any mold or other allergens, you can turn it into your own personal gym. No one will be afraid of the basement if you have your workout room down there. People will love it because it makes them feel good about themselves.
Shop for fitness equipment that serves more than one purpose, and watching for deals at thrift stores, and you won’t break the bank either. Especially since you just spent all that money remodeling your basement.