You’re Not Alone: 5 Bariatric Support Groups to Help with Surgery

Bariatric surgery offers life-changing results, replacing impossible pounds with new possibilities. But, this change carries a ton of weight with it.

The invasive procedure takes weeks to months for a full recovery and even more time to adjust to your new lifestyle. Get informed before making any decisions and don’t go it alone. Bariatric support groups can help you navigate this journey and answer all of your questions.

5 Helpful Bariatric Support Groups

Nobody wants to feel alone during times of extreme transitions. Get connected both before and after your surgery. 

Seek out these 5 groups so you feel supported.

1. Griffin Health Bariatric Support Group

Your bariatric surgery offers you a fresh beginning for living a healthier life. But, this means that you play by the rules. 

Following the guidelines following bariatric surgery not only keep your weight off, but they prevent serious complications. Even knowing this, disciplining yourself for this alien lifestyle can be incredibly difficult.

Here you enter into a judgment-free zone where you can learn the necessary skills to keep you on track with your bariatric diet and lifestyle. Visit Griffin Health’s website to learn where and when you can meet with others like you who hope to learn how to overcome the struggles people face following the surgery.

2. Wonky Pie Wellness

Most people ate from a completely different menu before their surgery than they need to afterwords. How in the world do you learn what to make and how to make it?

The Wonky Pie Wellness and Weightloss blog serves as an incredible nutrition support group that you can seek out from the privacy of your own home. They provide healthy recipes along with reviews and coupons to help you choose ongoing weight loss options for a reasonable price.

3. American Bariatrics Support Group

Sometimes people want the benefits of a support group from the comforts of home. American Bariatrics offers exactly this!

Register and receive free access to a number of awesome features. Connect with others going through this on forums, share progress pictures, and read helpful articles for a proactive approach to better living.

4. National Center for Health Research

Surgeons may take different approaches to help people keep weight off after surgery. They may suggest a gastric lap band for you.

This means a silicone band goes around your stomach to reduce your food consumption. As with any major life decision, this can come with both pros and cons.

The National Center for Health Research can inform you on everything from the lap band cost to living life with a lap band. Use this resource for support in the form of peer-reviewed research to help you make important medical decisions.

5. My Bariatric Life 

This website offers a comprehensive approach to bariatric support. Learn about the causes of obesity and how to cope with it along with everything you need to know about the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects it will have on you.

Learn about the struggles, discover ways to stay fit, and find the inspiration to succeed! Join the Facebook group to stay connected with other patients with the same questions, concerns, and hopes as you!

Stay Connected and Feel Supported

Staying connected to others undergoing similar struggles will help you feel supported so that you can succeed in this new way of life. Bariatric support groups will help!

We want you to meet all of your goals in the fight against obesity. Find the support you need on our website and supplement it with other fantastic programs designed with you in mind.