15 Weird Hobbies That’ll Make You Better at Breast Pumping

Breast pumping is important and necessary if you are away from the baby because of some reasons like work or if you have any breast issues. There are products such as storage bags and breast pumps, which help breast pumping mothers. If you need a good breast lump, then make a comparison of ameda vs medela breast pumps and you will get the best products for breast pumping. Those two are some of the most famous brands for breastfeeding. As a breast pumping mother, there are some of the hobbies you are most likely to have. Some may even seem awkward but they are important!

Let’s find out the 15 hobbies that will make you better at breast pumping.

1. Interact with Fellow Breast Pumping Mums

There are people who don’t get the essence of breast pumping and this may make feel you feel bad as a pumping mother. However, when you talk to other mums you get to interact with other mums in the same situation as you. You get to share your experiences and out of this you get encouraged. You can also learn something new from them as well.

2. Read Books & Articles

This might seem weird especially if you have a busy schedule. Nevertheless, you need to create time and read books and articles that will guide you on how to go about breast pumping the right way.

3. Research then Do More Research!

You might be needed to confirm something maybe you heard or were told concerning breast pumping. The only way you can do so is by doing research either online or consulting a profession. From the research you will learn new information you didn’t know.

4. Talk to your Lactation Consultant More Often!

As weird as this may seem, you need to keep in touch with your doctor as often. In case of any problem, they are able to track and find out where you went wrong.

5. Drink More Often!

Definitely not alcohol! You should drink healthy drinks like milk and of course water! This helps with the flow of milk supply. It also helps you to relax.

6. Massage the Breast!

This is as simple as it sounds. You should massage the breast before and after pumping to stimulate a Milk Ejection Reflex. It is a great hobby isn’t it? Who doesn’t like massage anyway?

7. Nurse the Baby as Often whenever you are together!

Nursing the baby any time you are together is important because your body responds faster and better to the babies compared to the breast pumps. The more you nurse often the more you will keep the supply of your milk up. The milk will be flowing with no difficulties.

8. Keep Checking on the Baby.

In case you are apart from your baby, no matter how busy you are, you must keep checking on how the baby is doing. This has to be your hobby whether you like it or not. However, a hobby must be something you love doing, right?

9. Music, the Language of the Soul!

You should listen to music, probably your favorite when pumping. It gives you a soothing sensation.

10. Listen to Nature Sounds

There is no sound as soothing as nature sounds. They could be from the ocean, or the rains. When you listen to any of these sounds, they help you to relax, as you pump.

11. Dress Up for Pumping!

Sounds weird? Well, you have to be in clothes that are give you comfort as you pump. There are nursing clothes and tops recommended for pumping, especially those with openings that are camouflaged at the breasts.

12. Double Pump

This might not sound as a hobby but it can be! Double pumping yields much milk. This is because; the level of prolactin is high when you pump two breasts at the same time.

13. Pump Yourself Too!

When pumping, start having fancy and crazy imaginations such as you being in a land of milk or you jumping around in the ocean. This may sound crazy but it will enhance breast pumping.

14. Follow One Routine

You could use only one spot, one chair or have the same drink while pumping. These are some of the mental tricks that help with your MER.

15. Buy your Own Breast Pump.

In case you will be pumping regularly, you might be needed to get your own breast pump. It will be more convenient than using someone else’s breast pump. Besides, it is not advisable to share breast pumps. It is not healthy for your baby! Therefore, you are supposed to buy your own breast pump. There is no need to struggle with a manual pump. An electric pump makes pumping so easy for you. However, keep the manual pump close, in case you forget the electric one. It might save you a painful day!

Last but not least, after pumping, ensure you clean your breast pump properly. Maintain proper hygiene both for you and the baby. Always wash your hands before and after pumping. Make this your hobby too! After all, the baby’s health should be your number one’s priority, right?