3 Reasons why Employers should undergo health and safety training

Recent statistics show that, over 200 employees die in accidents at workplace every year and over 1 million people are injured. However, associated costs to the business continue to rise. Effective job safety and health training is crucial for workers to reduce injuries at work places. The major goal of these training sessions for employees is to provide them a safe and healthy workplace. Workplace safety training is based on recognizing, assessing, and controlling of hazards. What is a hazard? A hazard is a danger or risk that may cause threat to your health, life, or property.

Health and safety is a major part of your business that drastically affects financial results of your business. Hence, undergoing training is quite essential for success of your business. Millions and dollars are lost every year due to the workplace accidents. Each and every employee deserves to work in a safe place. Simply to say, these training programs are smart way to do business.

Who needs health and safety training?

New employees need this training to get some information about how to work safely. Even the managers and supervisors need to understand the health and safety policies to work without any risks to themselves as well as for others. Young employees are mainly susceptible to accidents, so they have to compulsorily undergo this training for their bright future. Any individual either employed or self-employed should be able to identify the hazards and control the risks from their work. Definitely, the cost and time you spent on the healthy and safety training worth a lot.

Why training is vital?

  • Effective Risk Assessment – It is very important for the employers to execute any improvements considered necessary by the risk assessment. Assessing risks helps a lot to focus s on the risks that really matter in your workplace. With proper training employees clearly understand the relevant health and safety legislation. Also, they can easily identify hazards associated with activities and work environment.
  • Cost Reduction – Workers have substantial costs which are incurred when an illness/injury occurs. There are also various other costs such as
  1. Damaged equipment repair costs
  2. Material loss
  3. Business management time spent on problems related to the injury, incident, or illness
  4. Payment of fines
  5. Loss in the production of a business if stop work order issued

By undergoing the proper health and safety training, you can save all these costs and bring profits to your business.

Continuous Improvements – With the effective training, your business can seek many improvements in terms of productivity, quality, costs and customer services. Workers are benefited by proper awareness and education. This training really helps workers to maintain safe operation which is an ongoing process that can contribute to the success of a business.

Author Bio: – Melvin is a renowned medical practitioner. Apart from that, he also provides health and safety courses Glasgow. He takes special interest in providing various methods and techniques to keep a body fit and healthy.