3 Tips for Starting a New Weight Loss Regimen

One of the hardest parts of having a healthy lifestyle is making the decision to change from being unhealthy. Once you get into a groove with your diet and exercise, it’s easier than you might have thought to just keep on keepin’ on, but making those first initial moves toward a healthier you can be very hard. That’s why when you’re about to start a new habit, it’s important to have a plan. To help with this, whether you’re wanting to lose those last few pounds or have a total rehaul of your health habits, here are three tips for finding success when starting a new weight loss regimen.

Get Yourself Organized

If you just launch yourself on this new journey without putting any forethought into it, your chances of falling off the wagon are pretty high. For this reason, getting yourself organized is going to be a major advantage when starting a new weight loss routine. Tammy Kresge, a contributor to OrganizeYourselfSkinny.com, suggests planning things like a two-week meal menu, shopping lists and exercise schedule to help yourself stick to your goals. Organizing in these three areas will help you to never feel lost on your path to fitness.

Start Small With Exercise Time

Once you’ve recognized that you need to make a healthier change in your life, it can be tempting to want to make big, drastic changes all at one. While this may seem like it will give you the fastest results, it could also be a big contributor to your ultimate failure if you start by biting off more than you can chew. To safeguard against this, Lisa Bendall, a contributor to BestHealthMag.ca, recommends starting small will your exercise time and then increasing that time in increments of 10 minutes once you’ve made working out a good habit. By starting small, you will make it easier for yourself to both find the time and the motivation to get in that exercise each day.

Bring In a Friend

While you may have the best of intentions in starting a new workout plan and eating healthier, it can be hard to do all of this on your own and without any support. Kathleen M. Zellman, a contributor to WebMD.com, advises those undertaking a new health plan to find a buddy to take on this journey with them. This way, when your motivation is faltering or your impulse to give up makes itself known, you’ll have someone there who can lead you back to the path you want to be on and help you stick to your goals for living a healthier life.

Although you may feel overwhelmed taking on a new weight loss regimen, with the right planning and preparation, you can find success with these healthier routines.