What are the Best Supplements for Faster Muscle Gain?

There are many ways to gain muscle. Lifting free weights, doing a variety of different weight bearing exercises, and eating a lot of extra food will all help. Muscle gain is also dependent on your body type: some people are naturally more muscular than others. The trick is to eat the right things and train in the right way. If you get it wrong, you will end up gaining fat as well as muscle, which is not exactly the point of the exercise. So where do supplements fit in? What are the best supplements to take if you want to build muscle without fat?


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Branched- Chain Amino Acid

BCAAs are a common supplement and you can guarantee that at least some of the bodybuilders in your local gym will be using these supplements to improve their workout results. There are 20 amino acids in the body, but only three of them are important for muscle gain. The three BCAAs in question help the muscles recover, so taking supplements containing BCAAs improves post-workout recovery. They also act as a source of energy during intensive training sessions.


Creatine supplements promote the formation of lean body mass and increased muscle volume. Bodybuilders typically take Creatine supplements during weight training to aid cellular energy production during periods of rapid muscle growth. The human body produces Creatine naturally, but taking Creatine supplements boosts Creatine levels in the body. This helps aid workout recovery and improves muscle performance during high-intensity training.


Glutamine supplements help athletes improve their muscle endurance, according to Hall of Fame coach Dave Houle. Taking glutamine means you can lift heavier weights for longer. Glutamine also helps boost the immune system, so your body recovers more quickly from taxing workouts. Body builders typically take glutamine supplements to prevent a loss of muscle mass if they are training to shed excess fat, as glutamine slows down muscle loss.

Whey Protein

Whey protein drinks are a popular beverage at the gym. Body builders and athletes typically consume a protein shake after their workout, as this helps their muscles to recover faster. Whey protein is easily absorbed and fast-acting. Protein is an essential building block for muscle repair, so consuming a whey protein drink immediately after a workout triggers super-fast muscle recovery. Whey protein shakes also make it easier to train for weight loss as well as muscle gain, as a high protein diet is a natural appetite suppressant that keeps the hunger pangs at bay.


ZMA is a combination of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6. A ZMA supplement helps keep your magnesium and zinc levels balanced, so you can make the most of your gym sessions. Studies have shown that a zinc and magnesium deficiency impacts on an athlete’s testosterone levels, which in turn affect muscle building. ZMA also promotes sleep, so your body can recover better after an intensive workout.

Supplements are useful, but for best results, make sure you eat a balanced diet containing the right nutrients for optimal muscle gain.