3 Tips for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

With summer coming to a close soon, the temperatures are going to start dropping and the seasonal illnesses are going to start rising. While people with children or those who are exposed to a lot of different people during the day have a higher chance of contracting the flu, really everyone is susceptible to getting the flu regardless of how careful you think you’re being. But despite that, you can help yourself stay as healthy as possible during flu season by following a healthy routine. So to help you and your loved ones steer clear of the flu this upcoming season, here are three tips for staying healthy during the cold winter months.

Keep It Clean

Keeping yourself and the areas you work and live in as clean as possible is a fantastic way to stave off flu germs. According to Suz Redfearn, a contributor to WebMD, you should be washing your hands as much as possible during cold and flu season. Remember, washing your hands doesn’t just mean running your hands under hot water. You’ve got to scrub with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to get all those germs off. However, if you can’t get to soap and water, using hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Also, sanitize surfaces and items that you use frequently or are used by others to help stop the spread of germs even more.

Embrace Humidity

The flu tends to cause the most destruction during the cold, dry winter months. And according to Health.com, this could very well be because the environment is so dry. Health.com shares that the flu virus is more likely to live and get spread around in dry environments that are low in humidity. Knowing this, you may want to consider running humidifiers around your home and taking hot baths or showers to help increase the temperature and humidity in your house. Not only will this create an environment that the flu doesn’t thrive in, but it will also help if you’re feeling any flu-like symptoms like head congestion.

Practice Healthy Habits

By living an overall healthier life, you’re giving yourself a much better chance of fighting off cold and flu germs when they come in contact with your body. Some of the best habits that will help your body remain healthy during flu season, according to the Center for Disease Control, are getting enough rest at night, drinking plenty of fluids, getting in some form of exercise each day, keeping stress levels low, and eating healthy foods. Consider making some of these habits a routine for your life to be healthy regardless of the season or threats to your health.
No one wants to get the flu. So to help yourself and your loved ones best avoid coming down with the flu this upcoming flu season, use the tips mentioned above to maintain your health and wellness.