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4 Popular Ways to Wear a Layered Hairstyle

Long and luscious hair is so good to look at. It would be wishful thinking to maintain a healthy and beautiful mane all the time. But if you are ready to have a new look, you need not stress yourself into finding one. Why not try the do that can suit everybody? Layered hairstyle usually and amazingly works on any hair lengths and styles. That is why it is a good choice for people who are looking for that new style. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, or long or short hair, there is a layered hairstyle bound to match your persona. With a layered haircut, you can never go wrong. So, in your next haircut session, you might want to try out one of these layered hairstyles that you will see here below.

  1.  Messy Shag

Not thrilled to let go of your long locks? This layered hairstyle might work for you. The messy shag, although coined as 70’s-inspired, will never get out of style. You can keep your hair long, but with a little snip here and there, you’ll have that new, fresh look you are aiming for. The layered look of the messy shag gives texture to your long hair.

  1.  Long, Layered Bangs

Sporting a hairdo with bangs is usually a risky decision. But with this style, the long, layered bangs that frame your face, you can never go wrong. No worries trying the do with long, layered bangs because it will just grow before you know it and way quicker than short bangs. If you want to achieve that more edgy look you have been fancying, then go for the long, layered bangs.

  1.  Curly Layers

If you think you can’t nail a layered look with curly hair, then you are definitely wrong. Layering your curly hair can make it look more flattering by giving it more shape and texture. With the many hair and beauty products available these days, you can accentuate your curly layered hair by using colored highlights to make it more stylish. Also, you can use products such as hair mousse or hair gel for styling your curly layered hair to keep and arrange your curly

locks in place.

  1.  Layered Pixie

This is probably the go-to hairstyle if you are a person always on-the-go. Get a layered pixie to save you the trouble of fixing up and styling your hair. It requires very low maintenance or none at all. If you want the I-woke-up-like-this look, then this is definitely the hairstyle that is meant for you. You can also spruce up and style your layered pixie to make it look chic and classy by using hair shapers such as mousse or gel.

Whatever your hair type is, whether short or long, or curly or straight it may be, a layered hairstyle may give you a new, fresh and different look. The layered hairdo has been a favorite for a long time and will probably stay that way. With the four popular ways that you can layer your hair as described above, why not give it a try? Ask a hair stylist which type of layered do’s can look best on you.