4 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Less Stress, Better Blood Pressure

Lovemaking may cause blood pressure and stress levels to drop.

A Scottish research project that polled 24 women and 22 men found this out after putting them on the sphygmomanometer after oral math examinations and public speaking engagements

Sex Boosts Immunity

Lovemaking several times in the week leads to increased levels of immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which works as an antibody keeping cold viruses away

Better Self-Esteem

How many reasons are there to make love?  The University of Texas asked that question of its’ student body and came up with 237 reasons – many of them having to do with increasing self-esteem.

Group therapist Gina Ogden thinks that makes sense.  She says that partners in bed often bolster each others’ courage and patience for whatever is coming the next day – so-called ‘pillow talk’.


Better Sleep

Everyone sleeps better after an orgasm; that’s because of the release of oxytocin during the climax.

Sufficient sleep is a key factor in better all-around health, including weight loss and lowering blood pressure.