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4 Ways To Incorporate Alkaline Water Into Your Health And Wellness Routine

Drinking water should always be part of your routine.  Hydrating is a habit frequently overlooked, but it’s essential to maintain and improve health. Some people believe in particular kinds of water, such as ‘functional water’, which offers additional health benefits.  These are water with unique ingredients like vitamins, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants. 

Alkaline water is an example of this functional water. People are raving about alkaline water benefits, like preventing tooth decay, immune system support, cancer resistance, and improved skin health.  For these reasons, more people are switching to alkaline water for home use and hydration.   

Here are four ways to incorporate alkaline water into your health and wellness routine: 

  1. Invest In Alkaline Filter System 

Incorporating alkaline water in your health and wellness routine, demands an investment to custom fit your home to this new system to make it more efficient.  If you want to ensure you get your alkaline water any time at home, then investing in an alkaline filter system is your best option.   

Using an alkaline water filter system at home is an excellent step to fulfill your need for alkaline water, without generating too much waste, because a good water filter will take months before replacement is needed.  This is why people buy zazen alkaline water filter, because water filtration systems are cheaper and environmentally friendly than buying boxes of bottled alkaline water.  

  1. Add pH Drops 

An easy and affordable way to always have alkaline water with you is to use pH drops. This is a versatile solution, that is flavorless and can be mixed with hot or cold beverages.  These drops are made from alkaline and purified water.  These specially formulated, tasteless drops can increase your pH level just by adding it to any ordinary. Some users even add them to acidic drinks like coffee to balance the acidity.   

These highly concentrated drops cost between USD$5 to USD$20, and are available online and at local health food stores. They come in small handy bottles, so it’s easy to bring them anywhere, especially if you’re the type who loves to travel. These pH drops are recommended if you usually drink reverse osmosis water or distilled water.  Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using these drops to avoid any stomach issues.  

  1. A Teaspoon Of Baking Soda 

Who would’ve thought a regular household item like baking soda could help you in your quest to improve the quality of your life.  This kitchen staple is an affordable way to make alkaline water. To increase the pH level of normal water, just add half a teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water and shake it to mix in the baking soda thoroughly.  

If you’re under medication, consult your doctor before drinking this type of alkalized water to prevent any stomach ache.  Baking soda contains high amount of sodium, so if you’re cutting down on salt, it might be best to look for another alkalinizing process for your water. Make sure to research which options are appropriate and evaluate its risks and benefits

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  1. Use Fresh Lemons 

If you’re limiting your sodium intake or just being cautious with what you drink because you’re under medication, lemon is the next best alternative to make alkaline water. Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water makes hydrating, a delicious habit and satisfies the need to drink alkaline water.

Although lemons are naturally acidic, they also possess anionic properties, that has an alkaline effect once it interacts with the digestive system.  Lemons are also full of nutrients and aids in detoxification. It’s essential to use fresh lemons and consume them within 3 minutes of cutting to get the most potent solution, because letting lemons sit for too long will lessen the alkaline effect.   


Jumping on the ‘functional’ water trend might just be what you need to make hydration fun and a permanent part of your health and wellness routine. Investing in alkaline water filter systems is the best decision for your family, making it convenient and accessible to use anytime. There are plenty of ways to access alkalinized water even if you’re on a tight budget, just by using baking soda and lemons which are kitchen staples that are natural, affordable, and easily accessible. For people who can allot more money and love traveling, pH drops fit nicely in your lifestyle. The benefits that you get from switching to functional water outweighs other factors, so it’s really the best decision that you’ll make.