Do ‘Rage Rooms’ Help Stress Relief

Stress is harmful to mental and physical health. It can cause you to stay up at night, it can make you angry and irritable, and it can even manifest as physical symptoms that can become serious health conditions.

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage stress. One of the newer and more innovative strategies is the rage room.

Rage rooms are small rooms that are usually part of a larger facility. People can rent the rooms hourly and break things as a way of releasing their stress and anger. But do they really work?

Read on to find out.

What’s Involved in the Rage Room Experience?

The first rage room opened in Japan in 2008. It became such a popular trend that, before long, rooms were opening all over the world. Today, there are rage rooms everywhere including Serbia, Argentina, the United Kingdom and several states in America.

People that run these facilities don’t want to add to your stress, so they keep prices affordable. In some locations, you can get a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) package for as low as $15.

But if you want extras, it can run a lot more than that. In New York City, you can get a Couples Therapy Package that comes with electronic items and dining room items such as dishes, bowls and ceramic plates. A Los Angeles facility offers an Overkill Package that comes with 100 items including televisions, printers, wine bottles and more.

Do Rage Rooms Really Work?

Although there are no hard and fast statistics on whether rage rooms really work, they have been getting a positive response. The House of Purge which opened in Charlotte, NC earlier this year has already seen over 1100 visitors. Owner Vantroy Greene says, “I feel like there’s a lot of people who need an outlet from family stress or just the stress of everyday life.”

Greene has gotten a wide mix of customers including bachelorette parties, families with children as young as eight and a 73-year-old couple who wanted to spend date night smashing a car. He reports that the two showed up in evening finery and brutalized the vehicle while listening to opera music.

It’s clear that people get a kick out of rage rooms, but mental health experts are divided on their opinion regarding their effectiveness.  While they agree that they can be fun, they warn that they should not be a substitute for talking about problems and seeking out help. Cleveland Clinic clinical psychologist Scott Bea states, “Just because they (people with anger management problems) throw something doesn’t mean they aren’t going to throw something again in the future.”

Alternatives to Stress Rooms

While stress rooms are a great way to relieve stress and anger, there are other solutions. For example, there are many supplements on the market that work to reduce anxiety. Pure Encapsulations’ Daily Stress Formula is recommended.

Pure Encapsulations is known for creating exceptionally pure, potent supplements. Their Daily Stress Formula is rich in B complex vitamins, magnesium and vitamin C which counters the negative effects of stress on nutritional health. Its bacopa monniera content maintains optimal brain activity increasing its ability to deal with stress.

The public agrees that rage rooms can be a lot of fun. But it’s important for people with serious emotional issues to integrate them with other types of therapy such as supplements and mental health sessions.  What do you do when you want to let off steam?