4 ways to overcome nerve pain from diabetes

Nobody likes to be in pain. It can be really difficult and uncomfortable when you are experiencing nerve pain and cannot do much about it. However, worry no more because there are means to overcome nerve pain from, in this case, diabetes. For starters, there is an excellent article on Nervepainremedies.com that sheds some insights on how to deal with nerve pain. Below are also a few pointers to help you with the same issue.

  1.    Control your blood sugar

    To overcome nerve pain, you must control your sugar levels. This is based on the fact that excess blood sugar levels in your body can do a lot of harm by damaging your nerves and thus leading to peripheral nerve damage which can cause you pain. To keep your blood sugar in check, maintain a healthy diet loaded with a lot of fruit and vegetables. These are good in boosting your immunity and maintaining your health. Moreover, cut out bad habits from your lifestyle, such as smoking and drinking as they may be counterintuitive to your progress. Set up an appointment with your doctor and discuss a suitable healthy diet for you. Maintaining such a kind of a feeding lifestyle will greatly help to reduce the nerve pain.

    2.    Exercise

    Contrary to popular belief, moving around and exercising will actually help you a great deal to reduce nerve pain rather than increase it. You can start with the simple stuff such as taking walks or doing simple jogs around the neighbourhood. You may also go swimming and, when you are up for it, try regular visits to the gym. Ensure that you tell the gym instructor about your condition which will enable him to guide you on the most suitable exercises for you that will not be too strenuous. Exercise will help improve your blood flow which will, in turn, reduce nerve pain.

    3.    Try over the counter painkillers

    If the pain gets too much, or even if it is mild, you may try an over the counter painkiller which can help to give you relief for a while. For instance, pills such as ibuprofen and aspirin are easily available and can give you some help. Talk to your doctor in the event that you need to be taking them for a long time so that you may discuss and determine if any of these drugs may have a negative effect on you. You may also try capsaicin cream which is applied to the affected area and helps to reduce the pain.

    4.    Relax

    One great way to overcome nerve pain is to try various relaxation techniques. For instance, a warm bath can be of great help. The warm water relaxes your body and helps your blood to circulate freely which can provide nerve pain relief. Other relaxation techniques you can try include, yoga or physical therapy. These activities also generally help to improve your mood as you can do them with your friends and have a fun time.