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5 Cleansing Tips for your Face

Washing your face everyday is very important for anti-aging. Everyone wants to look young and they always try to find new products that has anti-aging benefits. Recently a handheld light therapy device that can help get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin has become popular. However, sometimes the simplest methods like cleansing

The act of cleansing and washing your face might be the easiest and most simple skin care step you could take, but it also takes time and attention. Doing it the right way could make a big difference and could also give justice to the products you use. To help you with your cleansing problems, we have listed 5 cleansing tips for you.

Practice 60 second rule

Ever wondered why some products does not seem to be effective? Well, this might answer your question. All you have to do is to wash your face for a full 60 seconds to achieve better skin. If proper hand washing requires at least 20 second, your face also need at least 60 seconds for it to be properly cleaned. This routine helps and allows the skin to absorb your cleansers’ major ingredients for it to actually work. Also, it makes your skin softer and helps you dissolve dirt and sebum blockage better.

Wash your face twice a day.

Most dermatologists recommend that you could only wash your face twice at the most. Both over washing and under washing your face will have negative effect on your skin. It may either cause irritation and dryness or acne breakouts due to dirt and oil. The only time that you will be needing a third wash is when you sweat a lot.

Be gentle on your skin.

Prevent using a lot of pressure when washing your face. Just the right amount of pressure and the act of circular motions will be enough. Being gentle is the best way to cleanse and protect your skin. Being too harsh on your skin will only cause inflammation and increase the risks of scratches and tears on your skin.

Don’t over exfoliate. 

While it is true that exfoliating is good for your face, over doing it may cause negative effect. Over exfoliating will damage the outer layer of your skin and will also reduce its natural moisture. Exfoliating once or twice a week will be enough to sustain the moisture and remove the dead cells of your skin.

Cleanse with the right temperature of water.

Washing your face with too hot or too cold water may only cause damage to your skin. This may be a big issue especially to those people with dry or sensitive skin because their skin is more vulnerable to drying out or reacting badly to extremes. Practice using lukewarm water for better looking skin.

Washing your face is necessary but it does not need to be complicated at all. Just by following these simple tips will help you and give you the clean skin you want to achieve. Hopefully, these tips helped and gave you an idea on how to cleanse your skin properly. Also, these tips will not just result to a clear skin, but will also give you a healthy, glowing, and younger looking skin. With just the right amount of care, your skin will look fine and will keep you going.