Don’t go with the flow, keep healthy

Life is short and it passes by like Usain Bolt on the tracks. One day you’re in school, braiding your best friend’s hair and the next you’re going in for your interview in a skyscraper. It all runs by you so fast, it’s difficult to live it when you’re too busy studying/ working. 

Well, if you don’t want to go with the flow and want to take the “wheel” of your life, here are a few tips to get you on the go! 

1. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to understand that our body is a sanctuary and must be respected at all costs by not just others but also yourself. The best way to go about it is by feeding your body with nutritious food items. With that, don’t forget to feed your soul sometimes by having some deep fried goodness. Further, alongside a balanced diet, being active is fairly important. It not only helps you achieve your dream body but will help you clear out your mind of day to day stresses and allow you to be more present.

 Moreover, oftentimes with a tight schedule, our health is the first thing we take a hit on. We miss out on our routine doctor visits or dental appointments. It is pertinent to understand that having a healthy lifestyle allows you to achieve more in life than you would otherwise think. To make sure your health is in check, don’t give up on those appointments at all! If you mind physically visiting the doctor, why don’t you call a housecall doctor Malaysia using various apps? 

2. Read, profusely! 

Reading is a must. It allows your mind to wander to places which you wouldn’t ever be able to do in your real life. Not just that, it enables you to get out of your day to day hustle on your couch even if it’s for an hour. 

If you weren’t a reader growing up and it took you awhile to get those Harry Potter references, start now! It is never too late to get into a noble habit such as that of reading. Start with safer options and let your preferences go wild. I would suggest you experiment with all the genres from thrillers to comedies to romance to even comic books. It’s a great world out there, live a little! 

3. Volunteer

Volunteering not only involves helping others, it also is about helping you. The joy of bringing smiles at someone’s face is priceless and cannot be substituted for anything else. With a busy schedule, making time for volunteering allows you to forget about woes in your life and makes you more humble and grateful. 

The aforementioned ways are just not it. There are numerous things that’ll help you be more present in the moment by making a positive change in not just in your life but also, in others. So what are you waiting for? Don’t go with the flow!