5 Essential Beauty Products You Need for Winter

Winter weather is not kind to our skin. Cold wind, freezing temperatures, and dry atmospheres all play their part in creating havoc on your skin. You could book a holiday to a sunshine destination and escape for the winter, but for most people this is not an option. The alternative is to invest in the right beauty products from www.ellisons.co.uk or similar. To help you out, here are some must-have beauty products for winter.

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Lip Balm

Lip balm is essential for winter. Cold, dry weather leads to chapped lips, which feel unpleasant and are not nice to kiss. A tasty lip balm will protect your lips from cold weather, wind and the odd bit of sunshine. Look for lip balms containing soothing ingredients such as menthol and aloe. Flavoured lip balms are also a good investment. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are always popular choices. The only thing to watch out for is to avoid applying lip balm too often, as although it sounds counterintuitive, some lip balms will dry your lips out even further.

Heavy Duty Moisturiser

Your skin needs extra protection in winter. Wind dries out skin out and leaves it feeling like sandpaper. Look for a good quality facial moisturiser that rehydrates your winter skin and keeps the flakes and sore patches at bay. Although winter sunshine is weak, don’t underestimate the dangers of sun exposure. Invest in a moisturiser with SPF protection, ideally around SPF30+ for maximum protection.

It’s also worth buying a tinted moisturiser. That way, your face will have a nice subtle glow rather than resembling something from the Walking Dead.

Hand and Nail Cream

Do your hands feel rough and dry over winter? If so, you are not alone. Wearing gloves helps, but if you want to pamper your hands, buy a heavy-duty moisturiser. Specialist hand products rehydrate skin and leave your hands feeling smooth and soft. Dry hands can become very painful, especially if you have to spend time outdoors. The cold weather also affects nails, leaving them dry and brittle, but a good moisturiser will rehydrate nails as well as skin. Look for skin products containing Vitamin E and jojoba. These will restore and protect your skin.

Hair Lotion

Winter hair is unkempt, difficult to style, and guaranteed to look a mess within five minutes of you leaving the house. As anyone with long hair knows to their cost, static and frizz is a huge problem over the winter months. The best way to protect your hair from dry, cold weather is to apply a serum. If your hair is long, look for a serum designed to tame frizz and reduce static. Apply to hair before styling and you can enjoy long, glossy locks, just like the Duchess of Cambridge.


A sunshine holiday is the best way to achieve a glowing tan, but if your budget won’t stretch to a Caribbean break, invest in a bronzer and give your pale complexion a touch of subtle colour.

Don’t let winter ruin your hair and skin. If you have the right products to hand and you can easily maintain a flawless look!