5 great ways to keep your breasts healthy in lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that most of us are stuck at home. We can’t to work or socialize as normal, and this affects our health. One fantastically important part of our body which is easy to neglect is our breasts. It’s always really important to keep your breasts healthy. Read on for 5 brilliant ways to keep your boobs in perfect harmony with a healthy body!

Your breasts have a tough life. Your hormone cycle affects them every month and if you have ever breastfed your children then they will probably be dramatically different from what they were before. Everybody has a different shape and size of healthy breasts. Here are a few tips that we can all benefit from:

1. Go bra-free for a few days

Going braless is the latest celebrity craze. What works for Kim Kardashian can work for you too. When you wear a bra throughout the day, sweat and heat build up in the fold at the bottom of the breast. As the days get warmer this can leave you with a nasty rash and an itch. “This is called intertrigo and it should be treated before it causes permanent skin damage” says Dr Lucy Khan, breast surgeon. “The pain and itch can make wearing a bra unbearable.” So we say give it a try and let your boobs have a bra-free day.

2. Take off the beer goggles

Being at home all the time really makes that bottle of chardonnay look tempting at 11am…. But wait, staying clear of the second or third glass might be important for keeping breasts healthy. Research shows that having just 3 alcoholic drinks per week can increase your risk of breast cancer by 15%. This means that you don’t need to be drunk or binge drinking to affect the health of your breasts. So maybe it’s time to try a virgin mary with breakfast at the moment.

3. It’s workout time

That’s right- exercise, exercise, exercise. Keeping a healthy weight is a brilliant way to keep your boobs happy. Body fat is a major source of the female hormone estrogen. This hormone affects your breast cells and many breast cancers are sensitive to estrogen, feeding off it to grow. As a result, exercise which helps you lose fat is a brilliant way to have healthy breasts. Some women find exercise really difficult because they have large breasts. These can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and back particularly when jogging or moving vigorously. This is a really difficult problem, and breast reduction is a popular procedure with high rates of satisfaction. Wearing a supportive sports-type bra is an excellent way to get started when getting fit.

4. Don’t ignore a lump

With all kinds of frightening stories about coronavirus patients in hospital, it is natural to want to stay away from healthcare facilities just now. As a result, women might be tempted to wait until later to get a new lump checked. Don’t delay, get checked-out straight away. If you notice a new lump in your breast, or if you have another symptom such continuing pain or a new discharge of liquid from the nipple, you should see a physician. Dr Lucy Khan reassures “If the worst happens and it turns out to be a cancer, we have a much better chance of treating it successfully if we can find it early”.

5. Dress up like you are going out

Making a special effort can really boost your confidence and self esteem. Being happy with the way you look and feel is an important part of mental health. A study suggests that a feeling of “happiness and optimism” can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 25%. It might be really difficult to feel optimistic during the pandemic but a special night in with your partner or a walk in the springtime can really lift your spirits.

In summary, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your breasts healthy during lockdown. Building good habits now and laying foundations for lifelong breast well-being is a great way to start again as quarantine restrictions are eased.