5 Health Problems You Should Be Preventing Now

You might be young and in good health. You may never visit the doctor, since your body seems to be in perfect condition. In fact, you may even be a little cavaliere with your health, since it seems so great now. What could possibly go wrong?

While it might seem like your body will never grow old, the truth is, you should be caring for it now. Your body might be elastic now; as ready to spring up from a fall as a toddler on the playground. If you want to enjoy good health as you age, however, there are some ways you must take care of your body right now. Extra care now means more mobility and satisfaction later. When it comes to poor health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your Feet

Shoes are a big part of fashion. They’re also expensive. You probably have several pairs of shoes in your closet, and we’re guessing not many of them are truly good for your feet. You can get away with some cheap shoes for now. However, you should invest in some sole inserts and a few pairs of good shoes, especially for long walks and museum trips. Consult podiatric services to find out what kind of problems for which you’re at risk. If you don’t want foot pain later, start caring for yourself now.  

Your Skin

If youthful skin sounds like something you’ll care about in thirty years, you should be aiming for it now. Sunburns may fade today, but they cause wrinkles and skin damage later. Too much sun exposure could cause cancer. Remember to put on that sunscreen. If you hate the white, greasy smear of the stuff, invest in a cleaner feeling, non-greasy sunscreen.  Your future skin will thank you.

Your Teeth and Jaw

Have you visited your dentist lately? While seeing the dentist might feel like an unnecessary ritual, your future comfort could depend on how well you care for your teeth. Brush and floss them regularly. If you learn that you clench or grind your teeth during the night, have your dentist recommend a mouthguard. If you experience jaw pain, you could be developing TMJ, and it’s important to get fitted with TMJ splints immediately.

Your Weight

You’re probably aware that excess weight creates and fuels a myriad of health problems. While a soda may not cause you any problems today, as you age, excess weight causes serious damage. This is nothing to take lightly. Your eating habits this year could determine whether you die of a stroke in forty years. Take care of your future, and commit to healthy eating.

Your Heart

This one ties in with weight, since a healthy heart is hard to achieve when you’re overweight. A healthy heart  helps you live longer, not just by reducing your risk of heart disease, but by lowering your heart rate, as well. If your exercise regularly and get your heart rate up at least three times a week, you can slow your resting heart rate. That will keep your heart from wearing out sooner. Want to live longer? It starts with that jog.