5 Issues With Pregnancy No One Talks About

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman’s life. We go through some huge transformations when we are getting ready to become mothers. Most of these transformations are common knowledge worldwide.

But there are some aspects of pregnancy that no one will tell you about. Here are 5 of these pregnancy issues that you should be prepared for as well.

The dangers of addiction

Addiction of any kind is dangerous, but it is a lot more risky for pregnant women. Because there is a lot of stress and emotional strain during pregnancy, many women need help to deal with these changes. There are some who fall into drug abuse behavior, which affects their child as well.

The rehab for pregnant women is very difficult. Unfortunately, it is the only way to get rid of the addiction and continue to have a healthy life. It is important to seek help. Don’t feel like you have to deny or hide this problem. With professional support, pregnant women can go through rehab and eliminate all the risks to their babies.

Your skin might change

You probably heard about the “pregnancy glow” that you should expect to get. But what about the acne breakouts and skin rashes? Or the temporary spots you might notice on your face and body?

These changes are not so common, but they do happen. And even if most of these pregnancy side effects go away as soon as you become a mother, they can still be very bothersome.

Weird pains in different parts of the body

All pregnant ladies expect to experience some level of discomfort throughout their pregnancy. But cramps and breast tenderness are not the only physical reactions your body might have. You can discover that your joints hurt a lot or that you have a weird pain in your leg or foot.

While most of these pains are otherwise harmless, some can be a sign of a serious problem with your health or your baby’s development in the womb. So, make sure to get all those weird sensations checked out!

Morning sickness has little to do with…morning

Morning sickness can last even all day long. However, it will end or at least become less frequent, once you are out of the first trimester. But if you are counting on just having morning sickness in the morning, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you feel sick beyond your control and no home remedy alleviates your mood, you should seek medical help.

Depression might hit

There are more types of depression when you enter motherhood. First, you will notice that your hormones are all over the place, messing up everything that was in balance just weeks before you got pregnant. You might go from smiling to crying in seconds and not know why.

Once you are pregnant, you are at risk of postpartum depression, which is just as serious. Seeking professional help in this phase is crucial for both you and your baby.


By staying informed regarding all these changes and hazards, you can be one step ahead of the unpleasant aspects of pregnancy. Being pregnant is a miracle, and it is your duty to take care of your health a lot more during this time.