5 Common Health Problems that Chiropractors Treat

5 Simple Ways To Get Rid of Body Pain at Home

5 Common Health Problems that Chiropractors Treat

Nothing is more annoying and discomforting than body pain. Whether it is right after a rigorous session at the gym or standing in one position for too long, body pain is debilitating. Some contributing factors include fatigue, sleeplessness, a change in an exercise routine, or poor health conditions.

Regardless of the cause, everyone’s first reaction to body pain is to reach for a pain-killer. We love them since they reduce the ache almost immediately. But their long-term effects can badly affect a person’s overall health. This choice between pain and side-effects often leaves a person in confusion.

But here’s the good news; you can make this stubborn pain go away with some simple, cheap, and even tasty remedies. Wondering how? Well, here are five simple ways to get rid of body pain at home.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies like ginger, turmeric, and cherry juice are great ways to reduce body ache at home. According to research, ginger is as effective as ibuprofen for killing pain.

To prepare this magic potion, just boil two tablespoons of ginger in four glasses of water. Now, strain the water and drink this mixture throughout the day. With its anti-inflammatory effect, you will see a significant reduction in your body pain pretty quickly. 

Likewise, turmeric contains curcumin, which has healing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Because of these elements, it helps relieve body pain just as effectively as any pain-killer. You can drink turmeric and honey milk to get rid of your symptoms. To prepare it, add one tablespoon of turmeric and honey to a glass of warm milk and drink it.

Use Pain Relieving Gadgets

Pain-relieving gadgets like an infrared lamp, pemf mat, or a vibrating massager too can get the job done nicely. Infrared light has a repairing effect on your body. It improves blood circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and reduces pain. However, a PEMF mat is a banger!

Pulsing Electromagnetic Field mats are designed to stimulate healing at the cellular level. These send bursts of the pulsed electromagnetic field throughout your body that impact muscles and tissues on a molecular level and accelerate healing. 

The fields then penetrate deep inside the body and target the pain at its root – cell damage. You can lay down on the pemf mat and feel your pain go away almost immediately.  What a relief!

Use Hot and Cold Compresses

Both heat and cold have a relaxing effect on aching body parts. On the one hand, heat promotes blood flow, which soothes sore muscles and joints. On the other hand, Cold treatment primarily numbs the area hence reducing the sensation.

Likewise, both of them help reduce inflammation. For heat therapy, you can use a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Icing or cooling gel packs do the opposite. You can also use non-medicated coolant sprays to reduce swelling as well. Altering between hot and cold treatments also helps in pain management. 

Soak in a Warm Salt Solution

We all know how soothing a dip in warm water is. It helps loosen the knots in tired muscles and reduces soreness. You can further improve the soothing effect by mixing some salt into it. Epsom salt has proved itself useful for addressing aching muscles.

Fill a tub full of warm water and mix a cup full of salt to it. Take a dip or immerse the painful body part in the warm solution for 15 to 20 minutes. While the water will calm you, the magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt will work as a muscle relaxant. Not only that, but it will further reduce edema by drawing out excess fluids from joints and muscles via osmosis.

But if you don’t have Epsom salt, you can also use regular table salt as well. This therapy will make a positive change, and repeating this process thrice a week will hopefully eliminate body pain. There’s just one problem: this technique isn’t really suitable when the pain is localized to a small part of our body. Chances are, you’ll have to dip your entire body into the tub!

Hot Oil Massage

Warm oil massages are an excellent way to get rid of body pain. They help reduce pain by loosening the knots and keeping muscles supple and healthy. A regular hot oil massage routine relieves pain, promotes wellness, improves skin, and relieves stress.

And the plus point is, they are easy to do too. All you need is oil like mustard oil, olive oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, eucalyptus oil, etc. You can either use only one oil or work with a combination of different ones. Just heat it a bit, apply to the sore area, and massage thoroughly for a few minutes. It will help in pain management and allow your tired muscles to relax.

The Bottom Line

Taking a pain-killer to relieve body pain can have drastic effects on your overall health. To avoid them, you can use simple home remedies to address the issue instead. Above, we have listed the five simple ways to get rid of body pain at home. They are both easy and safe to do. Furthermore, they will have a long-lasting effect on your physical well-being.