7 Actionable Tips to Stay Healthy While Social Distancing

We are in difficult times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is reaching peak numbers, and we need to take special precautions to stay healthy.

1. Wash your hands

Some people cough in their hands, even though it is recommended to cough into your elbow. When you cough on your hands, you could have germs on your hands. These germs can get on anything you touch. Avoid this by washing your hands any time you cough. You should also make a point to wash your hands regularly throughout the day. You should also learn how to wash your hands properly. Wash them for a full 20 seconds. If you have trouble counting, try singing the “Happy Birthday” song.

2. Eat well

The things you put into your body manner. You want to eat a lot of antioxidants and foods known to help improve your immune system. The immune system is the system in your body that helps fight foreign diseases. If you have a good immune system, you will be more likely to fight the pandemic if you do fall victim to it.

3. Talk to your healthcare provider online

Going to the doctor is more dangerous today than ever before. People suffering from COVID-19 may be in the waiting room. They may unintentionally cough on you or something you end up touching. If you aren’t experiencing an emergency, there may be new ways to interact with your doctor. Nowadays, many doctors are taking appointments online through video chat or interacting with patients with other patient engagement measures.

4. Clean regularly

As you go about your day, you will be surprised how many times you touch different things in your home. If your hands have germs on them, you are spreading these germs to everything you touch. When someone else touches the same things, they may end up picking up your germs. Make a point to disinfect regularly. Some of the things you should focus on include doorknobs and the refrigerator handle. Use disinfectant wipes and safe antimicrobial surface cleaners like DuroDaily.

Coronavirus is an airborne disease. To help prevent it from getting into the air you breathe, you should also focus on air quality. Clean your HVAC filter regularly. You may even consider getting an air purifier.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise will help boost your immune system while also boosting your self-esteem. Look for exercise on demand videos that you can use. You may also be able to go for a jog by yourself in your neighborhood. Not being able to go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to stay active.

6. Pay attention to your mental health

Staying home every day can start to drive you crazy. This is especially true if you are someone who thrives in social situations. Your life will change, and you may feel like you are missing a part of your life. Make a point to take care of your mental health. There are a number of therapists who are helping people online so that people don’t need to go out and put themselves and the doctor at risk. You can also do things on your own to take care of yourself. Make sure you have a creative outlet, such as yoga, writing, or playing music to help you when you get stressed.

7. Stay home

Unfortunately, many people aren’t taking this epidemic seriously. This is why it is spreading as quickly as it is. Every day, there seems to be a new story about packed beaches, packed churches, or packed markets. While life doesn’t need to completely stop, we really should stay home and avoid meeting in large groups. At least for now.

These are uncertain times. To stay healthy, it’s best to be cautious. That doesn’t mean that you can’t live your life like normal. If we take the proper precautions, we will be able to get past this era and move forward to the point where it is safe to go into public and congregate again. Until then, we should just stay home. Even after we go out again, we should still wash our hands often and avoid coughing on people. Just in case.

About the author

David van der Ende is a full-time blogger and part-time graphic design enthusiast. He loves to write about a broad range of topics, but his professional background in both legal and finance drives him to write on these two subjects most frequently.