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9 Simple How-to Tips to Create an Evening of Pure Relaxation

Fatigue and stress from work, and even insomnia can vanish as if by magic, with the perfect relaxing evening. So, here are 9 simple how-to tips for the perfect relaxing evening from the Royal Craft Wood team. They will help you feel fresh and energized the next morning. 

Put your plans and goals on paper 

Amongst all the tips for an ideal restful evening, this one is a prerequisite before following the others. Here’s the truth about our mind: it won’t let you rest until it makes sure everything has been considered and is under control. And the best way to quiet your mind is to get all the thoughts out of your head by putting them down on paper. So, first, take a planner or notebook and write down your goals, plans, and priorities for the next day. This way, you won’t worry about the things you need to do, and you’ll be able to really focus on your ‘relax evening’.

Switch off social media

Social media has a huge impact on the mind. It can cause paranoia, sensory overload, and anxiety. What’s more, it makes you dwell on nonsense that you don’t need to dwell on before bedtime. Since social media has this ‘addictive power’, the best way to tame the dragon is to shut down all the devices at least an hour before bedtime. Or, using an app designed to regulate screen time is a way out too. To sum it up, implementing the most effective ways to relax before sleep are likely to fail, if you’re not ‘unplugged’ from all the distractions. 

Create an in-home spa

Having a spa evening at home is a great way to seek comfort after a work day. It has a real stress-relieving effect. First get a bamboo bathtub caddy. It organizes everything you need so that you can unwind and enjoy. There’s a waterproof book or tablet holder if you want to read, space for snacks as well as wine glass slots for sipping wine or cocktails. Also, you’ll want to add all the necessary skincare items like a dry brush, face masks, etc. on the removable trays. 

Read a book 

One of the great relaxing tips is as simple as it gets – read a book or an article that makes you sleepy. Choose a boring topic to read about. If this principle works for kids, it will work for you too. You need to let stressful thoughts go by reading books and magazines so that you can fall asleep. If you enjoy reading, a favorite book will decrease your anxiety and fatigue drastically. Some psychologists argue that reading keeps your mind occupied. Opinions vary. It can be a great way to calm down too. Find out if this method works for you!

Meditate or pray 

For a relaxing evening, meditation is crucial. Research studies have shown that it fights the effects of stress by lowering blood pressure, as well as decreasing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, mood swings, and anxiety. This practice includes four essential elements. These are a quiet place, a comfy posture, a particular focus of attention like words, images, and a non-judgmental mindset that helps thoughts come and go. Don’t forget to light a candle and turn on some healing music to aid the practice. 

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea

Drinking a piping hot mug of tea is one of the most powerful ways to relax before sleep. It’s more than the soothing warm temperature and calming scent. Teas made from herbs with calming and sedative characteristics help deal with symptoms of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. The best calming tea is chamomile. In addition, rose petals, peppermint, and lemon balm make up a great bouquet for the relaxing drink. Just sit back, put your feet up, and sip on this hot cup of amazing tea. 

Do yoga or stretching

If you’re feeling sad, sit in the Lotus position. Or, try a backbend or fly up majestically into King Dancer Pose. Multiple studies show that practicing yoga regularly improves depression and adds to a significant decrease in cortisol levels. It calms your entire system, slows your breath, and makes you focus on the present. If yoga is not your top choice from these relaxing tips, simple gentle stretching is a way out too. It shouldn’t be hyper-aerobic, and you’re not supposed to sweat. Simple, delicate movements can relieve pain and help with sleeping.

Listen to music

You can release stress through the power of music. A slower tempo can calm your mind and loosen tense muscles making you feel calmer. A bit surprising is that Native American drums and flutes, as well as Celtic and Indian stringed-instruments are very good at quieting the mind when played at a moderate level. Sounds of rain, waves, and nature sounds are also soothing, especially when mixed with classical music and light jazz. When planning a relaxing evening, just listen to one or two tunes beforehand to find out what “sounds” best for you.

Eat some organic honey 

Honey has a real calming effect on nerves. Make sure you enjoy only pure and natural honey purchased in a reputable grocery store. Honey contains a huge dose of tryptophan, the natural ingredient that helps with decreasing anxiety and relaxing the nerves. Drizzle some honey into a cup of herbal tea, and you’ll feel soothed in minutes. By the way, milk is another big source of tryptophan and also contains calcium that induces relaxation. Mixing honey with hot milk will produce a double calming effect on the nervous system.

Key takeaways

Rest days are crucial for higher productivity at work and to protect our mental and physical health in general. Since fatigue can be cumulative, following simple ways to relax before sleep can make a huge difference in your life. Start by incorporating one of them into your pre-bedtime routine, or practice a few if you prefer. Only by experimenting and having your own experience, you’ll find out what works best to create your perfect restful evening.