9 Ways Yoga Can Help Lower Your Stress

In today’s busy world where so many are overwhelmed, people are seeking to find ways in which they can feel calmer and more relaxed and one technique that some are using is yoga. For many years now, yoga has proven to be a highly effective methodology for healing many ailments such as bad posture or even addiction. If you have been struggling with feeling stressed out, here are nine ways yoga can be beneficial:

# 1: Move your body and free your mind from stress with asanas.

These yoga postures can help achieve a happy mind and a healthy body. The asanas help to release tension and all that is negative in the system.

  • Dhanurasana (bow posture)    
  • Matsyasana (fish posture)    
  • Jan Shirsasana (head to knee posture)    
  • Setubandhasana (half-bridge posture)
  • Marjariasana (cat posture)    
  • Paschimottanasana (back stretching posture)    
  • Hastapadasana (hand to toe posture)
  • Adhomukha Shwanasana (upside down dog pose)
  • Shirshasana (pear posture)    
  • Shavasana (body posture)

Note: At the end of your yoga posture session, lie down in Yoga Nidra to give your body and mind a few minutes of relaxation. The technique is useful in removing toxins from the body, which is a primary cause of stress.

# 2: Breathe properly with pranayamas to relieve anxiety

According to YogaTrainingGuide.com, putting your attention on the breath can help free the mind from all those unnecessary thoughts that cause anxiety. Try the following breathing practices:

  • Kapal Bhati Pranayama (Brilliant Skull Breathing Technique)
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (alternate breathing) – effective for releasing stress in the system (when expiration is longer than inspiration)
  • Bhramari Pranayama (bee buzzing breathing)

# 3: Meditate to appreciate the gift of a relaxed mind

Meditation can be a great technique for relaxing a distracted mind, giving you a sense of calm and peace, and also for observing, through daily practice, how your mind works in order to keep you trapped in small, insignificant things around you. It can also help you not to worry too much or become anxious about an unknown future.

Are you familiar with the concept of having an “adrenaline rush”? This happens when we are too anxious about a potential danger. For example, going on an adventure. In this case, the level of the adrenaline hormone rises, which causes our heart to beat faster, making the muscles tense and our body sweating profusely. Scientific research has shown that regular meditation can significantly reduce the level of this stress-related hormone.

# 4: The philosophy of yoga will help you stay happy

Knowing and applying the knowledge of ancient yoga in day-to-day life, we talk about some simple and fundamental principles (yamas and niyama) of yoga, which can be the secret of happy and healthy life. For example, the Santosha principle (niyama) teaches the value of contentment. 

The Aprigraha principle can help us overcome greed or the desire to own more, which can be a source of stress and anxiety. In addition, the Shaucha principle concerns the cleanliness of the mind and body. This rule can especially help you if you tend to be obsessed with catching infectious diseases.

Yoga yamas and niyamas will guide you towards living a more balanced life which will lower the chances of you experiencing anxiety and stress. To understand the philosophy of yoga, you can consider reading Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s comments on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Also, you should try reading some positive affirmations to relieve stress.

# 5: Pray, keep faith and smile!

Prayer is the best way to comfort yourself and the best support to ease your anxieties. By developing daily prayer habits, chanting devotional songs (bhajans) you are filling yourself with positive energy and this also helps you to keep your mind healthy. The latter also confer a deep feeling of faith: everything is going for the best, a great Divine power takes care of you. Also, make a conscious effort to smile more and more. It inspires confidence, calm and positivity instantly. Try it now!

# 6: Focus on being of service and doing for others

When we are constantly stuck between “me and mine,” it creates stress and anxiety. We care about what can happen to us. On the contrary, shift your attention so that you can be of some use to others around you. You invest yourself in a service action which can give you great satisfaction and immense joy.

# 7: Know the impermanence of the world

When you realize that everything around us is temporary and should change, we become more relaxed and serene from the inside. A feeling of “it will pass and not stay forever” settles in us and frees us from anxiety. By meditating on a regular basis, it will help keep you in this positive mindset.

# 8: Remember a similar past situation where you could overcome your anxiety

This fills you with immense courage, stressing that you could still go through this situation. Remember this often.

# 9: keep a positive environment around you

When you spend more time with positive people, you are influenced by the same thoughts, which is reflected in your general outlook on life. Only a positive spirit can bring joy, peace and relaxation