A Brief Guide To The Uses Of CLA Safflower Oil

You may recently have heard of the various benefits of CLA Safflower oil but would like to know more on the general topic. If this sounds like you, you certainly have come to the right place. Allows us to provide you with a brief and clear guide to what this product is, where it comes from and what it is used for.

What Is CLA Safflower Oil?

Known as a weight loss aid, this product was recently released, to be specific, it was released in 2016. This drug does not fall in the ‘over the counter’ drug category, hence it is not necessary to have a medical prescription if you wish to buy it. That being said since all drugs can lead to a variety of side effects it is always wise to consult your primary health care provider before starting any new treatment or drug.

What Is CLA Safflower Oil Made From?

This product comes in capsule form. Each capsule has a blend of 80% Safflower Oil. The remaining 20% is made up of a mix of ingredients which, it seems, were chosen to make the drug an excellent product. While there are no clear details on the ingredients which make up this remaining 20% it is presumed that they are choices which aid absorption of the oil.

What Exactly Is Safflower Oil?

Safflower is a plant which is native to the Middle East, in particular, the arid regions. This plant has a long and rich history, in fact, the first use dates back to the Egyptian pharaohs. However, in the past, the plant was used for its beauty-related benefits, rather than the health purposes which we will soon discuss.

Since the plant has bright red, orange and yellow flowers it was known as a natural dye in days gone by. While the plant has been used to flavor dishes and act as a coloring agent in more modern times, it has been found that both the coloring agents, as well as the flavor are not as potent as other natural products which are often favored.

It was in the mid-20th century that people began to see a significant element of this plant that had been overlooked – the seeds. Hence the introduction of Safflower Oil began its journey and continues to grow as our knowledge increases.

What Are The Uses Of CLA Safflower Oil?


If you’ve read enough CLA Safflower oil supplement reviews, then you know it is used as a treatment for people with obesity and high blood pressure. How does evidence support this use? In brief, it suggests that a decrease in fat mass is seen when individuals ingest CLA every day over a period of time.


In addition, the treatment of diabetes is another area which may be aided by this oil. Researchers are currently studying the matter and have found in various clinical trials that, provided they identify the correct dosage for each individual patient, this oil may be of help to people who suffer from diabetes.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another area which researchers have investigated and have demonstrated that a combination of CLA and ramipril may be an efficient way to treat high blood pressure.


The way that our body burns fat and the speed at which it does so it dependent, to a large extent, on how certain molecules operate in our body and the associated metabolic pathways. Researchers are investigating how CLA interacts with specific molecules and the potential effect that this could have on metabolism.

Is CLA Safflower Oil Right For You?

This is a question which only you can answer and to do so you should seek the advice and guidance of a medical expert. If you suffer from any of the medical conditions outlined here, it certainly may be worthwhile to bring the potential benefits of this oil to the attention of your primary health care provider.

Indeed, we all want to enjoy good health and vitality. However, unfortunately, we often have to deal with health issues which make this a daily challenge. Investigating the benefits of various supplements, including Safflower, may lead to us finding ways to tackle our health issues and problems head-on and enjoy a better quality of life.