A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Breast Augmentation

In case you didn’t know, breast augmentation is a term used to describe improvement or enlargement of female breasts with the help of a specific surgical technique that typically includes the use of implant above or under the pectoral muscle. It is good to know that breast reconstruction is different than breast augmentation. Typically, breast reconstruction is recommended for women who have lost part of the breast or even entire breast.

On the other hand, when it comes to breast augmentation, the suitable candidates are women who are not satisfied with the natural appearance of the breasts. They use this procedure to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. In many cases, women that have changed breasts due to breast feeding or women that have breasts that are disproportionate opt for this solution.

The truth is that breast augmentation is very popular surgical procedure. The reason is simple – the procedure is easy and simple, it is not associated with serious health risks and it makes women look more attractive. One of the most common side effects is the formation of relatively thick collagen layer that surrounds the breast implant and in cases like this, the implant is removed. But, these things are happening rarely.

Breast augmentation today is much more advanced compared to this procedure performed a decade ago. Surgeons use safe materials and more efficient methods. Of course, some surgeons are better than the others and there are certain cities where you can find a lot of good surgeons with experience in this field. For instance, choosing breast augmentation Toronto solution has proven to be a smart move for hundreds of women.

It’s good to point out that breast augmentation doesn’t have a negative impact on breastfeeding. This means that mothers can keep breastfeeding their infants without any problems. Obviously, we are talking about the future because breast augmentation can’t be performed soon after pregnancy or during pregnancy. The recovery period is short (about 3-4 weeks). Additionally, during and right after pregnancy, the body of the new mom is still changing and it is not a good idea to perform any cosmetic surgery at this time.

Surgeons use different forms of incisions for breast augmentation. The basic goal is to avoid scarring or at least minimize it.

The most popular type of incision is known as inframammary incision. It is made right under the breast of the patient and doesn’t exceed the length of 5 cm. One of the reasons why most surgeons rely on this type of incision is the ease of work. This makes them confident that they have placed the implant in the right way. Axillary incision is another form of incision practiced today. This time, the incision is made in armpit’s crease. In this way, the patient gets a small scar in a place which is not usually exposed. Additionally, surgeons use two more types of incision for breast augmentation – areola incision and umbilical incision.

There is no doubt that breast augmentation will continue to be popular in the future because there are many women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts. With this simple, yet effective surgical procedure, they will be able to get the breasts that they have always dreamed of. The shape and size of the breasts definitely affect the overall appearance and confidence of every woman.