A full review and rundown of the Yoga Burn along with tips for losing weight

Zoe Bray-Cotton developed the Yoga Burn fitness program for women after working for over a decade as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and fitness expert. This unique program is based mostly online, although the digital resources do have a physical clone if you prefer that. You can read more about the Yoga Burn for Losing Weight here.

What is Yoga Burn?

It’s a 15 video long body shaping program aimed at women, combining body confidence, body shaping, and weight loss tips to achieve healthy results more naturally. This approach is known as ‘dynamic sequencing’.

How does the Yoga Burn program work to aid weight loss?

It’s all about that dynamic sequencing, the way you learn how to make each pose and movement, then build on it so you can ramp up the challenge when your body becomes too familiar with it – avoiding the plateau effect which is common in many exercise programs. This is what helps shape your body in a feminine way.

Weight loss tips

Yoga tends to spark an appetite for healthy foods, and of course weight loss involves avoiding sugar, processed goods and alcohol. Eating fresh food, fruit and veg, along with whole grains maximizes your success.

Can everyone try the Yoga Burn program?

All women who want to try it are welcome. Age, experience or ability is not important, and the program can be adapted to suit pregnant lades too! It’s open to any woman who wants to step straight into a program, and get healthier in a natural way.

Why is the Yoga Burn program better than a yoga class?

There are so many reasons – Yoga Burn is something you can do anywhere, at home, on the road, when visiting family, so it’s really convenient. This makes you more likely to stick with it too, no need to get ready to go to a class when you feel like staying home. It’s also cheaper as you only pay once, the support is incredible, and of course the program is specially designed for you to progress at the speed you choose to.

How much time do people spend on Yoga Burn a week?

The average person would complete three videos a week, each being around 45 minutes long. There’s also an optional bonus video you can choose to complete.

The three phases of Yoga Burn – in brief

Foundational flow is the first phase. Over four weeks you learn the basics of yoga, start to build muscle, and get a good understanding of how it works. This is an essential part of mastering yoga and losing weight.

Phase 2 is the transitional flow. Now you will take the moves from phase 1 and use them in sequences. This means faster movements, a boosted metabolism and more calories burned than before. Here you work on the large muscles in your core, and both the upper and lower body.

The final phase is the mastery flow. This draws on all you have learned so far to really push and shape your body, and make the most of weight loss opportunities.