A Guide to a Healthier and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The growing trend in the UK for better health and an eco-friendlier approach is reflected by the extensive range of products that are now freely available, and in this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can change your lifestyle in positive ways. 


The technical name for this substance is Bisphenol A and research suggests that exposure to this material can cause some forms of cancer and lead to infertility, diabetes and other issues. Many products contain BPA, such as drinking bottles, food cans, DVDs and even electronic devices, and one of the things you can do to limit your exposure to BPA is to buy BPA free water drinking bottles, which are made from stainless steel, therefore do not require a lining. 

Online Solutions

If you already have a water bottle that you think might be lined with a material that contains BPA, an online search will help you to locate a supplier of stainless-steel BPA free drinking bottles and you can order for the whole family. 

Reusable Shopping Bags

We all know the reasons to eliminate single-use plastic, as our oceans contain literally millions of tonnes of dumped plastic that comes in many forms, and marine scientists are finding many creatures that have died, and with plastic in their stomachs, we know what it killing them. If you want to be part of the solution instead of the problem, simply refuse the plastic bags offered at the supermarket checkout, opting to use reusable shopping bags that use made from recycled plastic and last for many years. There are three sizes; small, medium and large and they are designed with shopping in mind and can be ordered from Onya Life UK, who are a leading supplier of recycled items including water drinking bottles, reusable shopping bags, sandwich wraps, bin liners and other food related products that are all made from recycled materials. 

Growing Organic Vegetables

This is not as hard as you might think, and by keeping all your food waste in a special bin, you can create a compost heap in one corner of the garden. Commercial food producers use all kinds of harmful chemicals to keep the produce in good condition, so rather than buying your veg from your local supermarket, you can grow your own and be sure it contains no chemicals. 

Take up Cycling

If you buy yourself a mountain bike, you can use it for short trips, which will reduce your carbon footprint, save you some money and make you fitter, so it is a win-win situation. Cycling is a great way to exercise, as it uses all of the major muscle groups, and it is also a lot of fun to go out for a country ride. Getting the whole family out cycling will really create a strong family bond, plus you can explore some really beautiful locations that England is famous for. 

There are many ways that you can improve your health, while also being more eco-friendly with your life choices.