Fitness Training: A Challenging & Rewarding Profession

The fitness industry is enjoying a boom, as people strive to improve their level of fitness, and if you would like to reach a high level of fitness while helping others to plan and achieve their fitness goals, there are online courses that will result in you qualifying as a personal Trainer.

Personal Trainer Courses

The people to talk to are Fit Education, with health & fitness courses in Brisbane that are tailored to meet the needs of people who wish to become personal fitness trainers. This is a very rewarding career that brings with it many benefits, including maintaining a high level of personal fitness, plus empowering others to attain their physical fitness targets.

Course Details

If you apply for Certificate III & IV in personal fitness, this will take you through 12 modules that can be completed online, which allows you to study at times that work with your lifestyle. Once enrolled, you will be assigned a personal mentor, someone who will support you throughout the course, and with their help and your own determination, the end result is a qualification that allows you to work as a professional personal trainer.

Course Content

 Certificate III & IV involves the following: 

  • Helping clients to formulate and implement long-term fitness plans
  • Assessing the performance of both groups and individuals in an ongoing way
  • The ability to put together strength and conditioning programs
  • The ability to become an integral part of a sports team by helping in many ways
  • Design and oversee exercise programs
  • Develop and lead community fitness activities
  • How to set your own sales & marketing plan
  • Client motivation – Essential for clients to reach their goals

Upon achieving this qualification, you can now work as a personal trainer, or study further with a goal to achieve higher qualifications. The qualification is also recognised worldwide, so you are not limited to working in Australia.

Choice of Study Environments

Once you enrol in the course, there are 3 ways in which you can complete the course,

  1. Campus study
  2. Online study
  3. A Combination of online and campus study

This gives you the freedom to complete the course in a way that suits your lifestyle, plus you have the support of a personal expert who is assigned to you from the very outset. Should you have any problems, your mentor is there to help you, and with a lot of effort and determination, a new and promising career awaits.

Rise to the Challenge

Imagine waking up every morning, knowing that today, you are going to help your clients to achieve their fitness goals. Not that many people can honestly say they love their work, so you can be one of the lucky people that does, and once you have qualified, the sky is the limit. You could, for example, work for a fitness centre for a couple of years, then start your own business and who knows where that might lead.

If you are physically able and love a good challenge, a career as a personal fitness trainer might be the perfect career for you, so check out the online course and take the first steps to a new you.