A Guide to Healthy Nutrition  

Healthy nutrition basically encompasses having a healthy diet, whereby you have the right amount of calories. The right amount of calories is dependent on the balance between the amount of energy consumed and that which the body uses. Ideally, eating or drinking much more than what is required by the body may lead to weight gain. This is because the energy that will end up not being consumed will become stored in the form of fat. In the same way, if one drinks or eats very little portions of food, it will lead to weight loss. Because of this, the body needs to consume just about the right amount of food portions that creates a balanced diet. This will help in ensuring that the body is able to receive only the nutrients that it needs.

Healthy Nutrition Guide

The following guidelines discussed briefly below will go a long way in making sure that the rightful healthy diet is followed to the latter. Doing this will help an individual in having an improved health system, generate more energy and hence end up feeling amazing and healthy. The healthy guidelines for are as outlined below:

i)Eating Lots of Vegetables and Fruits

It is highly recommended that on average, at least five portions of vegetables and fruits be consumed on a daily basis. The fruits and vegetables can either be fresh, dried, juiced, canned or even frozen. It is however most preferred if they are taken as fresh as can be. A small portion of vegetables and fruit that is either canned, fresh or frozen weighs 80g. When dried, the portion weighs much less at 30g. It is important to take this factor into consideration even as one makes a decision on which form they want to take the fruits and vegetables in. Helen Lee Schifter is always so deliberate on the efforts she intentionally makes to increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables she consumes, in a bid to stay more healthy.

ii)Ensuring That Most of the Meals Being Taken are High in Starchy Carbohydrates and Fiber

Carbohydrates that contain starch in them should constitute about a third of the food that is being consumed. Some of these carbohydrates include rice, cereals, bread, potatoes and pasta. It is important to choose the wholegrain or high fiber varieties that may include brown rice, wholewheat pasta or potatoes that come with their skins on. This is because the latter come with more of the fiber, than the carbohydrates that are starchy and refined; hence ensuring that one is satisfied for prolonged periods of time.

iii)Take Reduced Amounts of Sugar and Fat That is Saturated

It is important to have some bit of fat in the diet that is being partaken by an individual. However, it is very crucial to be on the lookout about the exact type of fat that is being consumed. There are two main types of fat that are known: the saturated and the unsaturated fat. Too much of the saturated fat is very dangerous in the body, since it is likely to put the body at risk of developing heart disease related issues.

The saturated fat is found from foods such as sausages, hard cheese, cream, butter, pies and many other junks. It is important to take the aforementioned foods very sparingly to avoid developing heart conditions.

It is healthier and safer to go for the unsaturated fat options. These include vegetable oils, avocados, oily fish, olive oil and many more. Helen Lee Schifter has always been very keen on avoiding saturated fats, in a bid to keep more healthy, hence she mostly goes for the unsaturated options that are much healthier.

When it comes to sugar, it is also important to be careful to take very reduced amounts. This is because consuming drinks that have a high amount of sugar may lead to health risks such as tooth decay and obesity.