Achieving a Balanced Routine for your Child – Tips and Advice

We all know just much time our kids spend glued to their digital devices and it is important to limit time in front of a screen, while also ensuring that they have an outdoor aspect in their lives. As the rapid pace of technology forces its way into our lives even more, we must not lose our connection with nature, and a growing body requires regular exercise.

Take up a sport together

Whatever the age of your child, why not get involved and do some outdoor activities together? It could be bike riding, or hiking in the forest, or even throwing a ball to each other, anything that engages you both in a healthy outdoor physical activity. This will also strengthen your bond and you will get to know your child a little more, plus it will be a lot of fun, especially if you invite your partner along and make it a family day out.

Academic Education

This is one aspect of your child’s development that you simply cannot afford to overlook, as good grades offer an easier passage into further education, and if, for any reason, your child is finding a subject difficult, contact Alchemy Tuition, who offer tailored one-on-one courses for all ages. Sometimes, the reason a student has low scores is not due to lack of knowledge, rather they simply don’t grasp the concept, and this can go unnoticed, and in some cases, the child is wrongly accused of being lazy and inattentive.


It is vital that a growing child has at least 8 hours of good sleep, and if you have to set a few rules about bedtime, try to do this is a positive way. If, for example, your child is finding it hard to sleep, read a short story – reading prior to bedtime is good because this sets the mind in a calm state – whereas a child that has just been running around, will still be in wired mode. Soft music really does calm a person, especially with very low light in the room.

Oral Hygiene

If you get the routine right at an early age, brushing and flossing in the morning and evening will soon become second nature, and this is something you can do together. Children are more inclined to so something if their parents are also engaged, plus you can keep an eye on their brushing technique and show them the best ways to floss.

Free Time

Of course, your son or daughter must have free time in the early evenings, around 60-90 minutes is more than enough, and during this time, a sit-down activity would be advised. The ideal time is right after bathing and with a firm schedule, you can make a few exceptions during weekends and holidays, but otherwise, the routine should be followed.

It can be a challenge for mum and dad to ensure that their child has a balanced routine, and hopefully, the above will help you to create time for the important aspects of growing up, while making sure nothing is done to excess.