handsome man in t-shirt feeling pain in shoulder in apartment

Activity You Shouldn’t do With a Recovering Shoulder

When you have had surgery on your shoulder, the last thing that you want to do is move. You’re in pain and you want to sit and rest until your shoulder gets back to some semblance of normal. The problem is that you can’t just be still while you recover from surgery and you can’t overdo it – there has to be a happy medium. It’s for this reason that your instructions for shoulder recovery will be different from someone else, and the next person will be different from you. 

With that in mind, we’ve got some excellent tips for the activity that you shouldn’t do while you are going through shoulder recovery. The more you know about what to avoid, the more you can get some help during the weeks your shoulder recovery will take. Here are some tips to help!

You Shouldn’t Do your Normal

Whatever your normal activities are, avoid these for at least two weeks post-surgery. Shoulder recovery is not a joke, and it takes time. It’s only going to work, however, if you give yourself the time to recover in the first place. Your arm is in a sling 24/7 for a while and you are encouraged to keep the arm still. Get someone to help you to mow the lawn, and anything that requires two arms will need support.

You Shouldn’t Just Sit Still

You can keep your shoulder and arm still while still moving the rest of your body. One of the best ways to keep resting your shoulder during shoulder recovery and moving the rest of your body is on a stationary bike. You can cycle while you keep your shoulder protected, but avoid the treadmill here because you’re at risk of losing your balance and falling! You can move your elbow and hand a little to avoid stiffness, but your shoulder needs to be as still as possible. 

You Shouldn’t Play Tennis

We’re not too sure this needs much explanation! If your left shoulder is the one going through shoulder recovery and you play with your right arm, you can play – if you are able to keep your left shoulder still. It’s not always easy, so this is where a two week stillness period has to be respected.

You Shouldn’t Exercise Without Advice

If you want to exercise within the six weeks post-surgery, you should only ever do so with advice and with physical therapy on the side. If you have PT exercises to do, those are safe to follow because you’ve been given a guide and drawings, advice and support with how to do it!

You Shouldn’t Rush

Shoulder recovery takes time for a reason. You have to slowly allow your shoulder to recover and you can’t push yourself too far. Healing takes time and impatience increases the time it takes to heal.