An Opportunity from Opportuniteas: Highlighting Health and Wellness

If you have even the slightest interest in health and wellness, look for something beyond transparency of ingredients.

Look for something greater than the law requires. Look for something more than the government demands. Look for what you do not see, but can feel: Pay attention to what you sense – be aware of what you can intuit – so you can confirm what you suspect; so you can verify what you know.

Look for authenticity.

That principle inspires the mission of Opportuniteas, a maker of high-quality supplements and nutritional products.

The company is also a supporter of various causes, including 1% for the Planet, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club.

In terms of authenticity, I encourage other companies – I invite all organizations, regardless of industry, income, size or significance – to emphasize the importance of this subject. For that variable is what separates a business from a brand.

The former has many groups, some of major value, while the latter has but a few members, all of invaluable worth.

Indeed, a brand is a testament to the exercise necessary to be a model of health and wellness; it is a metaphor for what a majority craves, but only a minority possesses.

Which is to say, if you want to improve your own health and wellness – if you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass and increase strength – you must invest the time and effort, you must expend the toil, tears and sweat to achieve that goal. There is no shortcut to that end; there is no secret path to bypass the means to that end, which is why so few pursue that reward.

They may try crash diets, or they may crash after an excessively hard yet impractical workout, but they nonetheless refuse to do the sustained work to accomplish their mission.

The same is true for business, no matter if a company focuses on health and wellness, or hospitality and travel. The success happens as a result of dedication; the benefits are evidence of actions, not just words, because deeds will always matter more than declarations of intent.

My recommendation is that the health of consumers is too critical for companies to ignore, and the vitality of a company is too serious for its officers to dismiss, the power of authenticity.

That topic should motivate organizations large and small, be they regional businesses or national brands.

That discipline is the very definition of health and wellness.